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Found 1 result

  1. unown006

    Org Management

    So cool you have over 100 players in your org but how are you going to manage what they can and cannot do? Also a few related uttilys that would be helpfull. Org Management I suggest using a system similar to ark where you can make ranks put members in them whitch controlls things such as there ability to build,destroy,mine and use constructs that the org owns the one thing however that would be problematic is that the structure of the systym is only a one way systym for example you can have the ranks lead,co lead, and member but say you want to add somthing like a builder that has access to co lead things or only have access to certain things from co lead while still having member acess to fix this problem incorporate a pyramid thats very similar but allows you to set ranks to be more specific. Org tax This will allow orgs to make cash to use on the org and keep it running (see below) this tax will be applied to any sale of goods simlar to eves corp tax systym. Also it gives a org a way to be centralised economically. Org upkeep This puts a nice money sink in the game and limits large orgs instead of putting a member limit instead for every member a certain amount of money will have to be paid every month This will also reqire a org vault as well (see below) Org vaults This is a vault systym for orgs in whitch there upkeep can be deducted however There should not be just one per org and heres the reason why Taking from the game eve online a certain player was able to steal and wreck a entire alligence due to having access to everything (google it if you havent heard of the story) Now having multiple org vaults allows the org to diversify there cash and have vaults dedicated to certain things.
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