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Found 1 result

  1. If food is introduced to Dual Universe, it should be done in a way that is as unobtrusive as possible. It should be something people only need to think about when they do not have enough of it. My suggestion for doing that uses three new kinds of elements: dispensers, preservation units and preparation units. The purpose of a dispenser would be to ensure people were fed. Each dispenser would have a capacity and a range. Capacity would be the number of people it could feed and range would determine the how close people had to come to it to be fed. Eating would be what I call a background task, which means it is something we assume happens even when it is not depicted in the game. As long as people periodically came within the range of an available dispenser, they would be considered fed and would not need to do anything else about food. Dispensers with greater capacity and range should require more resources to build. The smallest range would be only the construct the dispenser was built in. Dispensers in constructs with larger cores would have a larger potential range and so be more costly to make. There would also be dispensers that could cover a whole hexagon/pentagon territory or even several adjacent territories. Like any element, dispensers would have rights associated with them, so they could be designated to only feed certain people. Each dispenser would need one or more storage units attached to it to hold the food. Food that was stored too long would spoil unless the storage had a preservation unit connected to it. If it did, the food could remain in it indefinitely without spoilage. An alternative would be to have elements that combined preservation and storage in one unit. A preparation unit would be an optional element that made food more effective. It might let the same amount feed more people, it might make the period of time people remain fed longer or it might have other benefits. Small capacity units could look like kitchen appliances while larger ones would probably have a more industrial appearance. If some was going to be outside the range of a dispenser for an extended period of time, they would need to carry or find food and eat it occasionally. In the wilderness, how much and how often a person eats should require a conscious decision and be a deliberate action. This also applies if a settlement or a ship is attacked and its dispensers are disabled or destroyed. For role playing purposes, eating should be an optional action even when dispensers are available. Producing the food and the effects of eating or not eating food are also important considerations, but I consider those different topics.
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