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Found 3 results

  1. October 23, 2019 6:27 AM] NQ-Nomad: @everyone As announced a month ago, we deployed our new authentication bot today! - If you saw modifications on your Discord nickname on the Dual Universe server, it's a consquence of this change and no further action is required on your end - Accessing the NDA channels now requires to link your DU account on the Community Portal, if you haven't done so yet All the details are here: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2019/09/25/new-authentication-bot-coming-to-the-official-discord-server/ For this to work, you MUST use a DU account that has alpha access. Go to https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/login/ and log in. Please note that your Username is probably your email address you used to buy the game with. (Please complain to NQ about the new policy of using email addresses as usernames.) In the top right corner see a little head icon and click on it. At the bottom of the page click on edit profile blank for spacing On the right side of the page click on Discord blank for spacing At the bottom of the page click on "Link my Discord account" blank for spacing A new tab will open for the discord log in page, use your DISCORD email address and password to to log in to your DISCORD account. You will see a page that says "Connect to Discord NQ-Bot" click Authorize in the bottom right corner. When you have successfully linked your account, the page will close and take you back to your My Profile page and you will see a green banner at the top and " Your Dual Universe account is already linked with Anna#7902 Discord account. You can unlink your account. " message at the bottom of the page. And your done. If you have problems, please log out of the community page and try again. If you still have problems, please log out of the community page, clear the cache and cookies (like with ccleaner) and try again. I had to do this several times, over several days to get it to work, finally when I gave up and submitted a tick, I went back and tried one more time, and it finally worked (Murphy's Law Effect), and had to go back and cancel my ticket.
  2. A couple month ago, I remember seeing a banner setting in my profile to add pictures and/or text under all of my posts, but I can't find it now. I probably just can't find it, considering it was hard to find the last time around.
  3. I can't add an image to my banner: I try to add a link from google drive(click on image>top right menu>open in new window>right-click>open in new window), the image shows up in the editor, but when I try to save, it says "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.".
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