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Found 2 results

  1. So if i correctly understood what has been said about 3rd person is that there won't be any... But what about being creative? For example, I am flying on a big ship, having some complex maniuver to coordinate between my ship mates, I need to juge the space I have left between a wall/ other ship qnd my ship... It would help if we could have 3rd person, not from a gameplay pov but more from a technical one, what I mean by that is that we could have a drone operator ON the big ship wich could control a small, really tiny and reactive drone with a camera strapped on it, and the video feed could be transfered to a screen onboard... the question is: will we be able to control a ship remotely? I mean I don't see an obstacle in scripting exept transmitting instruction from a ship to another one and more importantly transmitting data... i don't know how practical it would be but it seems feasible and usefull for those who miss 3rd person on ships
  2. Ohems

    Remote processing

    According to the promotional videos, there will be a limit to the range within which you can run LUA scripts. So that for example if you want to build automated mechanisms, somebody has to stand next to them or they won't work. I'd like to see the possibility to connect two blocks so that if someone is standing next to the other one, their processing power can be used to run the other one regardless (or perhaps regarding, based on item level) the distance. There is a lot of talk about drones, which would very much depend on this. However, I don't know if drones planned by people were short or long ranged ones. The cases which I'm most worried about would be guided missiles or a larger ship drones which would immediately leave any kind of local processing range when deployed due to the larger scale of things in space.
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