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Found 2 results

  1. The ability to, when building your ship or station, place individual components that can be used for many different types of feed back to a central station in the command center of the like. Weather the components would only cover one type of sensor or be an all in one package could be determined by skills used to build them. The feed back could be from video, thermal and inferred to air density, and some sort of advanced medical scanner. The necessity of these systems might not be there, depending on if there will be boarding actions, how damage to your ship is dealt with internally, if you can have stowaways, medbays, internal automated defenses, if one person can run a space station, gambling establishments in or that take up the entirety of one ship, and a simple vault where a community would store their vast wealth. And even then if none of those are in the game, having the ability to look at your ship though security cameras would be pretty cool. So tell me what you guys think, even though the majority of this post was just a list of other ideas i had.
  2. I just wanted to touch on the combat mechanics of larger ships. I've played ALL of the space sim/building games available and I dislike how they all work. I have been playing a game called Dreadnought recently and this is the ship combat style I'd like to see in games like this. Unfortunately it's not an open world voxel building game. Currently in other ship building games you can really only place turrets that automatically track (and suck at it; empyrion). Yes you can also man the turret, but then you can't fly the ship. I'd rather have a free looking reticle and where you aim while you are flying is where your turrets will aim and shoot, flying would be wasd like if walking. Of course you would have to intelligently place turrets because the starboard side wouldn't be able to fire to the port side, and top/bottom etc. Then there would have to be two different flight models for fighter style and capital ship style...It's what I hope for, though.
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