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Found 2 results

  1. European Crew - Looking For You Please Read Then Decide If It's For You Or Not For You ☆ Good Teams Incorporate Teamwork Into Their Culture, Creating The Building Blocks For Success. ☆ We Hope To See A Application From You, Thanks For Reading ☆ Only by binding together as a single force. Will we remain strong and unconquerable. ☆
  2. Hello again, friends, today I want to pose another mind racking question to you all. The viability of carrier combat in sci-fi games. Here is the dilemma. a carrier is a ship that houses several smaller ships, or even a squadron or two of fighters or bombers. How can you make a ship like that viable against a battleship with railguns or some other crazy sci fi weapon. 1.) how do we as players prevent the loss of our valuable asset, Pilots. and prevent sending them to a resurrection node I believe the answer rests in two areas. 1.) Carriers will have alot of defense, heavy shields and heavy armor. they wont mount many guns and so they'll have more power / more modules for shields. 2.) Drone ships, take the flight seat from a fighter ship and put it on the bridge of the carrier. Now your fighter pilot gains the added security of the ship and defense of any Space Marines guarding his body. While he pilots a drone ship in nearby space. think of the possibilities of faster movements the drone ships could make on players that design standard fighters. ((If they implement any kind of G force limits to human bodies))but even if not then the ships could have smaller profiles by design since there is no human inside of them, just a communicator, maybe it uses some kind of sub space channel for nearly instant communication with the pilot. It makes the carrier themselves a huge target, instead of the fighter ship having the same value of destruction as the carrier. because all the players will be inside the carrier. More fleet possibilities? Consider yourselves lucky my criminal mind wanted to keep this concept all for itself to gain a advantage in a few early wars, That said I would really like to hear what anyone thinks about this or anything similar
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