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  1. Remember we looking for pilots that will be playing this game, Alpha or Beta,
  2. Alpha 1 has started and alpha 2 will soon be starting, if really interested can buy the €60 pack an get alpha 2 access.
  3. Time Is Getting Closer, Recruitment Topic Updated Above, Looking For EU Pilots
  4. discordauth:YKPapVTv4WsICNBxFwsDiLj8hyQxFnm8acwVdM57vQc=

  5. Hi Age: 37 Live: UK, Liverpool Been following Duel for while, Now things getting closer, I'v been lot more active on here, Now joined the Duel Discord community, Getting Auth setup, So asked me to say hello on here, Will be buying a pack, So can get Alpha access for testing
  6. Might Be Small Now, Looking To Be Strong By Time Beta Comes Out, With Everything In place, Strong European Membership, Will Be Using Discord & Forums As Our Information Hub, Chat & Comms. Join Us Today
  7. Thanks for all the friendly messages. look forward to the beta. Is their a date yet?
  8. European Crew - Looking For You Please Read Then Decide If It's For You Or Not For You ☆ Good Teams Incorporate Teamwork Into Their Culture, Creating The Building Blocks For Success. ☆ We Hope To See A Application From You, Thanks For Reading ☆ Only by binding together as a single force. Will we remain strong and unconquerable. ☆
  9. Delete please
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