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Found 1 result

  1. Okay for this debate I thought I would bring up the topic of "Sovereignty and IFF Beacons." From what I have seen so far they plan on having a singular system that makes claims indestructible? If I am wrong on this feel free to correct me. Anyway, how I think the sov. and beacon systems should function is along the following lines. Sovereignty Units: Sovereignty units define system ownership, mainly the entity that controls the general region. For a sovereignty unit to function it should have a cost entailed or a monthly tax to operate. For instance a single unit would not be expensive to run - but the cost starts multiplying as you claim more and more systems, making you require more resources to keep your network funded and operational, with sov. held in those systems. Also a sovereignty unit should have a set time to online in which it is vulnerable to attack, so that a person or group of people cant just go system to system claiming systems. Claim units need to be invulnerable to damage unless war is declared on the system owner's group. Only then are the units vulnerable to damage from only those in the active WAR-DEC. Even with an active WAR-DEC a sov unit should have a massive amount of health - enabling a siege to ensue, and time for the owners to mount a defensive. A sovereignty unit should also make all stations immune to damage. Preventing the usual lone griefer from coming up and just firing off a few rounds at your station. Anything docked at a station should be invulnerable to damage as well. The only counter to the station invulnerability should be the active WAR-DEC system, in which only those who are declared at war should be able to damage the station. The next thing up for debate is a lot more forward of a system, and it also ties in with the sov units. IFF Beacons: These beacons are an object on ships that determine personal / clan / factional / corporate ownership. They broadcast a tag at close ranges for identification purposes. They also prevent unauthorized access to that ship. They do not as far as I see make a ship invulnerable to damage, they are only there for identification measures. Anyway, I am sure most of you have questions, or have a way or another to expand on this theory/possibility. If so feel free to post below. And remember to leave a like. . .
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