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Found 1 result

  1. Idea: When you die, for whatever reason, your ingame skilltree gets reseted or downgraded (setting you back to the previous stage in each category as an example) Concept behind: If you die, you respawn with a ressurection node, but this thing only has a blueprint of you, it doesn't know what was going on in your brain. You learn the skills over time while Aphelia, the AI, is manipulating your brain. If you die, the ressurection node loads a old version of your body and brain Pro: -You would fear the death -you would play safer -it would be more realistic -you would accept going in jail rather than commiting suicide, justice systems would make much more sense -pirates would not attack big stations just to "see if it works" (if you ever played space engineers you know what i mean) -Experienced players would be much more valuable -taking hostages would mean something -There would be less "Shoot on sight"-activity -bounties woud make much more sense -most organisations would try to avoid war -taking out a good pilot can change the battle because after respawning he would not be able to drive the ship anymore or less effective -war strategies would change from making most damge possible to avoid killing civilists Contra: -It could get really frustrating -it would be kind of unfair Let me know what you guys think about this!
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