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Found 1 result

  1. Today I thought I would talk about the different ways power could be generated in game. There are a great many things to discuss today, so lets get right into our topic. After reading around I have yet to see a huge amount talked about on the current subject so here is a few of my ideas on generators & power sources as well as potential effects and other assorted attachments. Low yield power generation: These forms of generators would more than likely be used early on in starting the game. Some of which may come pre shipped on the ARK, and fuel would be readily accessible to either produce or harvest. Solar power cells - not terribly efficient at generating power unless in massive arrays - require capacitors or batteries to store power long term. Are effected by weather effects. Bio-fuel Generators - essentially a generator that burns organic matter to generate heat to generate current. Potentially provides a use for trees - wood - and even coal as a resource. Would require water to keep cool, or just kept at low operating temperature. Geothermal - not sure if there are going to be heated areas on planets - but would be a interesting concept to go around. Provides easy infinite resource of heat to use to generate current. Downside - may be uncommon to find on planet, but when located do provide a inexhaustible source of current for running long term operations. Wind turbines - same area as solar - but instead of relying on sun they work on wind. Work far more efficiently in areas of high altitude, current generation is tied on cycle factor of wind being present. If wind is however not present - no current is generated. Hydro-electric - if there is water nearby it can be moved under pressure to generate current. Is limited to the amount of water stock piled, requires infrastructure to be built beforehand. Then as we progress along, we get towards the mid range of power generation. These generate significantly more power than the low yield tier, but some do have side effects and or things that can go wrong. The mid range tier is more suited towards powering ships and other larger objects, instead of ground based facilities. Mid range power generation: Fission reactors / Nuclear power - allows for steady generation of power via the use of enriched uranium - via uranium oxides / ores on planets and asteroids. Hazardous if containment is ruptured - radiation exposure throughout facility and or ship. Can cause fatalities. Suggest protecting in well hardened area. Generates enough current to power small ships and fair sized ground facilities. Fusion reactors - similar to nuclear except instead of trying to pull apart atoms it fuses them together. Hazardous if magnetic containment is breached - imagine plasma at the temperature of the sun leeching into your facility or ship. Can cause fatalities, and ship destruction. Suggest protecting in well hardened area. Cold fusion - far safer form of fusion - generates same amount of power - but occurs at room temperature instead of super hot environment. Then as we progress further down the line of research - you start to encounter ways of generating enormous amounts of power. Some of these are inherently hazardous to ship and person. So do keep a eye on em - and for goodness sake hope something does not break. The generators in this category would only be accessible after a significant amount of research time, and would require exotic components and minerals to be constructed, as well as a high level of knowledge to maintain and operate. Theoretical Prototype / High range power generation: Antimatter power generation - generates current via use of antimatter - Inherently very dangerous to ship and person if containment is ruptured and contact is made with normal matter. Capable of generating enormous amounts of energy. Expensive to maintain and harvest fuel. Zero point energy - generator that draws quantum energy from a vacuum. Requires significant materials to construct but is capable of generating enormous amounts of energy. No inherent danger. These are just a few of the ideas I had about potential ways to generate power in Dual Universe. Anyway what are your opinions on the choices? Did I miss anything? What are your ideas on power generation? Feel free to debate below. . . - and remember to leave a like, it is appreciated.
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