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Found 2 results

  1. What do these things even do, and why would we buy them: $15 (Actually $17) --------- 1. In - Game Titles: Do we get special items associated with them? Will they mean something more like social status or something, that'd be pretty messed up if it did? 2. Thanks In the Credits as Early Backer: Do I get my name in the credits or is it thanking everyone at the same time? $30 (Actually $34) --------- 3. Digital Reward Original Soundtrack: Do I get to play music in my buildings/ ship with this? $60 (Actually $67) --------- 4. 11 DAC's: Am I going to have to spend money or DAC's every month to play the game in the Beta? $68 (Actually $76) --------- 5. Arkship Passenger ID Card: What does this even do/ will do? $120 (Actually $134) --------- 6. 23 DAC's: Am I going to have to spend money or DAC's every month to play the game in the Alpha? 7. Alpha Team Outfit: Are there different types of clothing in the game? $135 (Actually $151) --------- 8. Dual Universe T-Shirt: Is this like some sort of thank you gift just to raise the price? $260 (Actually $268) --------- 9. Dual Universe Metallic Box: Is this in game and what will it do or is this more trash they are trying to sell? 10. Dual Universe Art Book: Why? Just Why? 11. Dual Universe Poster: I actually like this one, just wish it came with the lower packages. $505 (Actually $564) --------- 12. Alpha Team Member Statue (Male Or Female): Is this an in game statue or is this real? Is it a statue of them or an in game player? 13. Dual Universe Collector Box: Same question as metallic box, but I'm starting to think this is real, why sell me trash? 14. Arkship USB Key: What do this do? Is it in game or real? Is it useless trash or no? $1000 (Actually $1117) --------- 15. One Hour Call with JC: If we all bought this, how would JC manage their time? Is JC a nickname for a person or the team? Can it be recorded? 16. Custom Avatar Portrait: Why is the cost so high for this, why not just make this an in game feature for everyone? 17. 2 Alpha Team Member Statues: Virtual or Physical? 18. 80 DAC's: Why are we paying for DAC's at this point, we already have a lifetime subscription? $5000 (Actually $5587) --------- 19. Half Day with JC and Team: Well, if I can afford this, I could probably afford a few more hundred dollars for my plane ticket right, because I gotta ACTUALLY spend 12 hours with them, shake hands, kiss maybe, start a new family with JC and Team, please? How would they manage their time by giving this out? What if they get attacked or exposed or hacked? $7000 (Actually $7821) --------- 20. Development of DU Secret: Do we get the info first before release or do we get it first LONG before release? What if someone decides to throw this out to the community before release? What if they get hacked? 21. Full Day with JC and Team: What is considered a full day to them, is it 24 hours (a sleep over), or is it in business days? This is enough time for me to start a family with every member in the team . 22. What does Kyrium even mean? 23. If you can pay this much for a game, what tax bracket are you in?
  2. Good day to all Duel Universe Community members! First off I am very excited for this game, and I cant wait to see where the Community can take it. However that being said I have a few questions in regards to where the Dev's plan to take DU... Water I should start on the note, that I am a huge fan of Stargate, (Atlantis, SG-1, and Universe) and in Stargate Atlantis an entire city sized ship is built. I have no doubt in my mind that building it will be possible in Du, if not a little bit difficult, however Atlantis rested on the surface of the ocean. This is just one example I can think of, but I would someday hope to be able to build a city on, or under the water. But I cannot find any information regarding to what the water will look like in game, how it will behave, and how will the oceans be formed on a planet through procedural generation? Will players and vessels be able to enter water, be able to have floating structures built upon the surface? How deep will water be? Will water be able to limit the impact an energy weapon has on a structure completely submerged (Like in Stargate Atlantis, The Wraith would open fire from space and the shots would partially dissipate in the water as Atlantis was submerged, etc.) If it is possible to build underwater, will you be able to drain areas of water and perhaps build habitats on the ocean floor? (Thinking of Bioshock here...) (My interest in water in this topic is not purely based off of other games, or Sci-fi shows, but more or less as I have designed a real life model of an underwater city and the difficulties in sustaining life in an enclosed environment underwater.) Pledges and Connectivity Moving on to pledges. I am currently at a Gold Level Pledge, not so much for the rewards, but because of my interest and love for what this game could become! It already looks amazing! And the only thing stopping me from backing this game further is the fact that I live in Australia, and I am worried about how well connectivity to a European server will be. So once we have had a chance to try out the Alpha (Gold pledge and upwards I believe?), will we still be able to further upgrade our pledges? I ask because if I find the game to work with minimal connectivity issues and limited server lag etc, I would very much like to be able to pledge more to the development of the game. Furthering on this topic even more, I am currently a test guinea pig for my friends and I. If I find that the connectivity is working well enough, I could easily bring 5 or more people to this game! Which in my opinion would be awesome for me and for the community! Painting Elements So my last topic of interest that I have on my mind is in regards to the painting and how it will tie into the elements system. So as we have all seen in the videos, various voxels are painted and can be changed colour. So how about Elements? If I place down a Control Unit, or an Engine, or even a Decorative element like a wing, will I be able to use the same painting system to change the Elements colour? Quite a simple question I believe. Anyway, Thank you for reading my mess of words and poor punctuation, and I hope to see you all in the Universe! - Sullos of the Sullosian Empire
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