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Found 1 result

  1. Okay for today's debate I thought I would bring up the subject of E-War, and how it may work within the game structure, and with ships / structures. As well as what forms of E-War may be around. . . E-War Candidates: Sensor Jamming: Form of E-War that blocks active sensors from detecting ships, can be used as a form of primitive cloaking field, only way to distinguish targets is manually - visually. Automated turrets can not lock onto a ship. Sensor Boosting: Form of E-War meant to boost current ship or allied ships via link - decreases lock time on weapons systems, and boosts active sensor sensitivity/radius. Emp Pulse: Form of E-War meant to temporarily disable shielded ship systems for a brief period. Sensor Scrambler: Scrambles lock on targets to make it appear there are several false contacts on scanners. Makes using auto lock far more difficult. Jump/warp/hyperspace inhibitor?: Field generator that prevents use of said forms of FTL in its radius. Hacking Module: Hacks ships systems causing the lua code to behave erratically. Potential automation failure. Firewall Module: Protects against effects of said Hacking Module. These are just a few of my rough ideas on E-War for the game. I am sure you all have your own interpretations of E-War so feel free to express them here - add on to my ideas - or even to ask a question. Meanwhile just have fun debating. . . #Curse damn MRI head scans, damn drugs I was on earlier today still have me feeling like shit. - Will try to do some extended posts over weekend hopefully.
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