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Found 2 results

  1. Hello to all, In light of recent events I feel it necessary to address my organization as of now to clarify some unclear perceptions. Obviously there was a lot of commotion recently but not many seem to realise that the previous UL/TVR were not all alts and it was greatly unfair to those who were genuine. I have founded my Organization "Imperii Purpurae" to facilitate to those who's org(s) have been abolished, to give them somewhere to go where there are similar people in the same situation. There seemed to be a bit of confusion with my intentions - In no way is Imperii Purpurae a remake of any previous organization(s), The only reason that it was vaguely associated with UL was to try and band those members together under familiar members/colleges and give them a chance to help found anew, without the constraints of the Slaxx or the branding from the the MM. Under no circumstances are any former UL/TVR members to feel pressured or obligated to join Imperii Purpurae. As most orgs have already been well established I thought this would be the perfect time to found mine, It'll give a chance to any people who want to form governments, attain high positions and figuratively lead a new force of people as the chances of them attaining such positions in other large orgs so close to Beta would almost be a mute point. We will be structured very differently from the previous TVR/UL and all of our members will be given opportunities to join the the odyssey of forming new systems, structures and relationships. I don't mean to say that anyone couldn't achieve these things in other orgs but as we are new there is a lot of work to be done and we are running a very open 'government' at the moment as we are taking all suggestions and everyone is encouraged to come with something new to implement. We will be likely to ally with as many other orgs as possible; we are really considering multiple options, primarily Cinderfall, Elderich, Obsido Accords, DUA and the Solar Empire. We also require more members to fill out these administrative/diplomatic positions so we can begin functioning well before Alpha goes live. Best of luck to everyone who was caught up in that mess and my apologise to any confusion caused. -Banana
  2. The resistance against the oppression. Welcome to the Unity League. The empire of freedom. In our ranks we will grant the players the freedom they demand while being tight-knit enough to form a formidable power. Our goal is to stand apart from groups like Cinderfall and provide a safe place for the freedom the player demands. Formed out of necessity, the Unity League was created from 2 empires that bonded together to stand grounds against ruthless groups that threaten the liberty of the common player. Step into your destiny and become a honorable member of our growing group. Our system is based on our main 4 branches. Step into a land of opportunity today! Learn more/join: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/unity-league Discord: https://discord.gg/6BzuHWe YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Minecraftlazerproduc This official post is approved by @TheSlaxx and @Ardour -- The Unity League End of Broadcast --
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