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Found 2 results

  1. Hello to everyone, I decided to make this post so people know how create a core blueprint and being sure that all the handling will be applied. The handling on a core blueprint is a bit weird, it seems NQ doesn't have test every case. The blueprint system is separated in 2 different kind of blueprint: "Core blueprint": it's a schema that will allow you to create "single time blueprint" "Blueprint": it's a single time use blueprint How the handling works when placing down a blueprint? When you create a blueprint from a core blueprint it takes the skill saved on the core blueprint. If the player that place the ship has higher skill, he will apply the player skills. If the player that place the ship has lower skill, he will apply blueprint skills. How the handling works when creating a core blueprint? When you create a core blueprint the handling skills are not saved correctly. If the player that create the core blueprint has any handling skills, the handling is reset (It's the bug!) If the player that create the core blueprint has no handling skills, the handling skills are saved in the core blueprint. The tips: To be sure that the handling skills are saved in the core blueprint you need to have a character without skills. To make that, thanks to NQ that remove all the skills through VR, you need to use a VR station and create the core blueprint in VR. Example of setup: 1 container 1 Surrogate VR station 1 Surrogate Pod Station Put down the container, surrogate station and the surrogate pod. Set a name for the surrogate pod and activate it. (wait ~5 minute that the surrogate pod is registred by NQ) Use the surrogate station and search for the name you have entered. Once you are in VR, go in build mod on your construct and create a core blueprint. Put the core blueprint in the container (so you don't loose it when exiting the VR) Exit the VR and you are done. I hope it will help you. Leniver#4309 https://wheelchair.leniver.ch (To NQ, if you feel important to fix that bug .... DU it)
  2. Hello to Everyone and to all first Immigrant of Dual Universe A half year ago i found some information about this great project. Yesterday after a long search i found back to this insane project. But unfortunately a little too late to participate in the kickstarter campaign. It has changed alot here. Now, however, I am a bit unsure about to get the right ACCESS to this early phase. I would like to support this project with buying a pledge, but i am not sure which one of these offers would give me the right access to dive in. Do you have any recommendation for me? I would be so happy. Many thanks =) Je vous remercie =)
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