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Found 5 results

  1. Okay, it's time for a topic a bit more crazy than usual from me. (I enjoy talking about this game because just like all of you, I want to see it succeed.) This topic is taken from the Steam boards of a game similar to Dual Universe. Do you think this game could eventually "kill" Star Citizen? How would it be able to do so? Star Citizen is still unfinished, but it still has more of a playerbase than DU. I think if the devs add a little bit more stuff (such as introducing new "gameplay loops" that everyone's been talking about here), it could rival and potentially beat Star Citizen in terms of popularity and ratings.
  2. Here you can discuss anything related to Star Citizen. Will make the OP fancier in the near future, with some information about the game for people new to it, etc. Until then I assume people either already know about it or will utilize a search engine of their liking to find out more about Star Citizen.
  3. I found this game through Star Citizen thanks to Chris Roberts, looks very cool, hope CR brings you more backers.
  4. Recently I have seen this game talked about on different youtube channels, it seams similare to dual in certain way, but also different. Would they compete once dual came out?
  5. Hello, I am a fan of the concept of this game. I want to know if you are inspired by games like eve online. you have very similar features like wars, politics, and player based economy. Will it be like that but with first person action and crafting? Thank you much if you respond and good luck with this game!
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