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Found 1 result

  1. Hello NQ staff, As a former Landmark player I see the need for a feature very similar to what was used in that game. To more easily view constructs of other people. Over time and especially when the NDA is lifted I can see the need/desire for players to show off their build and for other players to browse and view all the cool things that people made. I can already see this now as players are flying by and getting out of their ship to take a closer look at a house or ship someone made. Over time more and more builds will be far away and the location of many of those will be unknown to you. Even on Alioth builds are wide spread and without their location you will just need to be lucky to find some really cool player build construct. Though in DU we will always be confined to the location of our character for gameplay purposes. So there needs to be a way for players to view constructs of other people without breaking the gameplay. I came up with the idea of a spectator mode. First players who have a construct they like to show off, needs to be marked or tagged in some way by the owner to opt it in for display in a gallery. Other players can then open the gallery and either travel to the location of that construct as a spectator or open a "construct viewer" where they can then view the construct without element interaction rights. That right should need to be activated by the creator. You may already have some sort of "consturct viewer" planned for the time when players will be able to sell their construct and buyers would like to view the product, just as a reminder that there may be overlap there. Your physical body should remain in the same place while you are viewing the construct so there is no exploit in escaping combat in some way. It might even be interesting to charge a small fee of ingame currency for viewing a construct. That might give players more incentive to build better and good looking things. Another thing to consider is that when players view a construct at the build site it should probably not be possible to view it's location/coordinates unless the creator gave those permissions. Anything that's near the build site that the spectator can see, like constructs of other people, might interfere with the intended gameplay and I don't know enough about that to give my opinion on that. In short I hope there will be a feature that allows players to more easily view the constructs of others and maybe even rate them.
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