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Found 3 results

  1. Here we go again! Months ago, you sent an update, and emails stating that physical rewards for ALL KICKSTARTER BACKERS, INCLUDING ALL FOUNDERS, would be released. We were even warned that we would not be able to update our addresses after that date, because the items were about to be shipped! MONTHS LATER AND WE ARE STILL WAITING, and guess what? I AM MOVING AGAIN! Hey, you can't expect me to stay in one place for NINE FREAKING YEARS!!! I've updated my address in your system, and can only hope if you actually ever get off your lying rear ends and send this stuff out that you will make sure that our addresses are current and up to date before you send everything out. Of course the reality is that when you do finally send anything out I'll probably be long dead, and my great grandchildren will be looking forward to receiving my Ruby Founder rewards. I feel so cheated. Novaquark is the ABSOLUTE WORST! Why don't you guys just give us all our money back?
  2. WHERE ARE OUR REWARDS? I think the Founders have been more than patient. Most of us contributed back in 2016 with an expected delivery date of 2018. We were later told that there were delays, and that we would receive our rewards "soon". Soon became "later", and then "before game release date". Here we are on release day, and we're still left waiting. As a Ruby founder, I was promised the following: I am still waiting. This is not right. I have made several inquiries via email, and through these forums, and I either get a blanket statement of "soon", or I am ignored. This is gone on for too long. JC and the team need to address this. Today. It's launch day and we're all feeling pretty cheated.
  3. I was wondering whether or not i get pushed back in line when it comes to name-reservation if I change my pledge reward from Sapphire Founder to Sapphire Digital? Hope some of you or NQ can help ease my mind.
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