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Found 1 result

  1. **Update : The IHRC is looking for representatives from organizations who would like to be a part of the racing. Individuals who want a say can also join. The representatives will have a say in what the rules and regulations are. Each rep. will be able to cast a vote on each individual rule and reg, once the ballots have been created. I would like to have at least 10 members before creating a ballot. We have 4 members right now. Remember this organization is more of a hobby for you in the universe, you can still be part of your regular organization. So if you are a legate of a org and want to be a part of this please send a rep to us. I don't want to be a dictator who controls every part of this. ** **Also looking for players who will be in the alpha to help with testing, to see what is possible.** About The Interstellar Hovercraft Racing Committee This Organization consists of dedicated members. These members are tasked with creating the rules and regulations, for the hovercraft racing league. Voting by these members will determine the rules. This is not the organization for the racers. Remember we are still creating the "game" we are not looking for the "players" right now. We will advertise when we are ready for racer requests. Hovercraft Racing will be a series of races governed by a set of rules. Open to anyone able to meet the standards. Proposed Rules for the races are as follows and open to discussion --Size of craft to be limited. Limited by a minimum and maximum size. This may include a voxel count and a physical size. --Qualifying Rounds leading to a final ( depending on track size and racer participation) --No weapons allowed --No outside help -- 1 person in control of 1 craft. --Tracks will be large , with obstacles in the way, with natural segments(if flat enough). --Referees will be tasked with player management. --Going out of bounds will result in immediate disqualification. (this will be changed, as opposition is growing against this suggestion) --Like the Olympics, the event to take place in multiple locations. Locations approved by the Committee. --If possible the entire track will be constructed in safe zones. (Not sure how safe zones work. Can others come in and just not damage anything or access certain things. Or does a safe zone not allow somebody to enter all together. Or is this changeable?) - Pilots, technicians and sponsors will form teams - Leagues will build circuits (or choose from independent owners), enrol teams, organize racing seasons, schedule races, keep ranking, advertise, etc. - On the long run, with civilization expanding, there will be multiple leagues (maybe 1 planetary per planet, 1 stellar per system and 1 interstellar) - Qualifying to a larger league would be achieved by competing in smaller ones Leagues should have the same rules, and stating this rules shouldn't be the responsibility of one of them. That's where the committee steps in, as an unique structure. The objectives are then clearly given: committee decides the rules, leagues do competitions following these rules. To have the required authority and stay connected with "reality", I think the committee should have a body of voters made of leagues representatives. Community page https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/interstellar-hovercraft-racing-committee#tab-description
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