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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone so, I just got myself the Patron pack (and iam pretty new here obviously) which should, so I think, also give me access to the pre alpha forum. But it seems like I don't have access to it ... sadly. Question is, what should I do about it? - Drunken Savage
  2. I would like to see more ideas based on automation. So far, I've seen JC talk about having a large number players working together... Obviously, JC doesn't watch SAO, sometimes you gotta solo... I mean, If I built a large ship with guns, I want to be able to fly it on my own, without having to ask a stranger to come on board and touch my stuff.
  3. So its coming, The so called Pre Alpha. that aside, How about those who have access find some place to have voicechat together? doesnt that sound intresting? I think it does... although I do suggest a place that allows multiple rooms since then we could maybe use it as a DIY faction system >0< let us commence the piracy! or just role play both is fine, those that are mic shy just listing could be fun too! since we are all about to set foot in a whole new world.. I think we should make it special event even if this voice chat thing only lasts for like a day. this can be on Discord (personal choice) or Team speak or maybe you fancy weird glitchy skype? or maybe you have a diffrent platform that works good. ofcourse if we take a platform like team speak or discord we need some sort of moderation, to keep it friendly now I have no expirience in moderating things as I am not the most social person. so please share your thoughts! if anyone els is intrested please let me know :3 Yours sincerly Levaritie (self proclaimed great sleepy one) Ofcourse, if I missed a topic that already disccuss this subject I would like to know.
  4. Greetings from the forum troll, I have a small question. Is there any chance there will be an out of game ship builder or designer, possibly before the game hits Alpha? Thanks
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