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Found 4 results

  1. A little about me I am a former eve online player, on there I have been in huge battles with titans and capitals ships, I have ran the markets and running Mercenary contracts, and finally me and my people reached out and turned to the industry making and destroying ships. I find myself here in this new universe where everything is a new start and what I want to do is reach out and make new friends and fill that thrill or making new adventures. Everyone starts small and being small is not a bad thing, because you get to really know the people you play along side and the rea trust forms, where b
  2. Alpha_


    This is the graphic that shows the structure of Alpha from top to Bottom. To understand the graphic, here is some necessary information: Beta: Commander of the Military Branch Sigma: Leads the Exploration unites Zeta: Controls Alpha Industries Together they form the Council, which is subordinate to Alpha This document is subject to expansion in the future, this includes the structure for Mining operations and Merchant structures. https://discord.gg/3d3jDgV
  3. Alpha: Alpha is an highly advanced AI engineered to master every aspect of the art of war. It has slumbered for hundreds of years on board the Novark. To awaken when its time has come to fulfil its function and to bring war to the remnants of humanity. Inside Alpha: We are no role play faction. However the theme of the Org is for setting the mood and to add another layer of depth to the Org. This includes a Backstory and the theme also imacts how our ships will look and so on. Alpha swarm: The Alpha Swarm consists of various classes of drones that
  4. Hi, I'm Ever_green. I've always shown an interest in space games and about four months ago I found dual universe. I loved the idea of a virtual civilization and I think dual universe is going to achieve that. So I bought a contributor pack. I cant wait for this game to come out its like a dream come true for me. I alsoi created two organazations here they are: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/evergreen-alliance https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/evergreen-industries
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