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Found 2 results

  1. It has recently come to light that with RDMS players will be able to lock others out of using equipment and most likely elements. Without the correct rights, those items become unusable. But this raises a concern from the pirates: "Oi matey! How do we use the stuff we work so hard to steal? Those skull and crossbones stickers won't pay for themselves." My answer is: Sorry, stolen items cannot be used. At least not yet. This is the idea: Loot laundering and the DU equivalent of a chop shop. A place for pirates to take their ill gotten gains and have it "cleaned". Have the tags removed and have the equipment/elements made ready to receive new tags. But this should not be an instantaneous action. This is a process. A bit like hacking but with less finesse and it takes a bit longer and requires some machinery so that it cannot simply be done out in the field. Perhaps a special element that strips away tags on the items/elements placed in it. Perhaps a specific player skill. Perhaps a combination of the two. Discuss!
  2. We just got an official heads-up that built ships cannot be taken back apart, and that purchased ships cannot be modified (but can be repaired). Before people simply assume that the prospect of Salvaging ships is dead, lets consider for a moment the following proposed mechanic. Destroyed Constructs drop some of the materials and items used to build them, plus "scrap" which must be re-refined. For one, this gives players something to do with that cheap jump-ship they used to reach the next planet after it has become totally obsolete. You won't be able to pull apart the jump ship, and unless you built it, you won't be able to upgrade it. Being able to destroy it for some portion of what it took to build (maybe 1/4th of its materials? perhaps a skill could increase your efficiency here) would prevent players from abandoning old ships or cluttering the market with them. Pirates will love this, since killed players drop some of their items, why wouldn't a destroyed ship drop some of its cargo? Why wouldn't a destroyed ship be worth SOMETHING?
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