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Found 1 result

  1. Idea "Laboratory". - Laboratory. 1) It explores various technologies for the player. 2) Initially, all buildings are inaccessible for construction, they need to be studied in the laboratory. The extraction of all types of resources is also initially unavailable, but as research progresses, they will open. 3) Vertical research tree is used, but everything is broken into sections. 4) To carry out the research, resources are needed (materials, items, currency). 5) The laboratory is initially in the player's inventory, but only portable (small). 6) Over time, the player will gain access to a more advanced laboratory (option MK2, MK3), because the research will become too long, their will need to be accelerated. 7) The player will be able to buy technologies in the market to speed up their research. The player will also be able to share his "blueprints" of technologies with other players (transfer in person or put on the market). ? Each research will have many levels of development (from 1 to 999). 9) Materials, items, ships and buildings can be upgraded after research to make them more effective. Moreover, the bonus for improving characteristics can be multiple (not 20-30%). 10) The MK1 laboratory is like a mobile microwave, where objects for study. 11) The simplest technologies are learned in a matter of seconds. 12) The corporation can study special technologies that the player will not have in solo. 13) The factory can be connected to the laboratory MK2 and MK3 to deliver resources for learning. 14) The player's special skills can speed up the action of his laboratory. If the laboratory belongs to several players, then it will work even faster. 15) Improved items, buildings, etc. are referred to as TECH-1,2,3, etc. 16) After studying the technology of the 1st level - its meaning is read out by the built-in voice assistant. 17) Over time, industrial espionage will appear in the game so that you can was stealing technologies from other players or corporations (hacking skill). 18) The player will initially have several "civilian blueprints" technologies that allow you to do some basic actions (after learning). 19) The laboratory is also needed to study "anomalies" or "alien artifacts", which can then be introduced into the game. 20) Laboratories MK 2 and 3 are completely static, i.e. they cannot be used for research - if they are in the inventory. Only if they are installed on a private territory can they function. 21) Only one type of research can be carried out in each laboratory. 22) One player cannot use more than 2 laboratories at the same time. The second laboratory becomes available only after learning a special skill. 23) A player can study one technology in several laboratories at once, but only if he is a scientific director in a corporation. In this case, up to 10 laboratories are available to him.
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