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Found 1 result

  1. Damage multipliers between construct sizes are too high There is no reason to fight (ofc this is being worked on) Fighting is unprofitable as any loot you get will most likely have lives taken out of it/ be worthless The investment to get an L core PvP ship is too low, L cores are supposed to be the large org battleships which need a large investment to build and run, but are too easy to get atm. (XLs should be the equivalent to Titans, if not more) The hit probablility for small constructs are too forgiving to the offender, even super tiny pvp ships with a <2m^2 cross section get destroyed easily. It should be a lot harder if not impossible for large ships to hit constructs like these pvp is too long range (this one is more bias, but if constructs had a lot less range like 500-1000m most of these kind of problems would disappear, as well as being a lot more cool looking. you might want a way to catch up with ships as well if this is implemented) players can just enter third person under layers and layers of voxels, which means that it is hard to kill players in most PvP ships. Making seats more like the currently useless cockpit would make more sense. PvP is boring to watch + buggy most meta ships are just glorified cubes atm players can just warp out of danger nothing is stopping you from building a ship the same size as an XS/S/M core with a L core instead to get the benefits that the larger guns give, and the benefits of using smaller cores are currently negligible most PvP battles end in a retreat as fuel, scrap and ammo requirements are too high for any outcome to happen
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