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Found 4 results

  1. To make people want to take risks and not stay on the moon sanctuary I propose that all industries placed on the moon sanctuary have a crafting time divided by 2 or even more.
  2. Anora Industries is an Equal Opportunity employer! That aside we are currently a very small Organization. Our focus is going to be on Industries to make our wealth and exploring all the new content as it comes out. We currently have a home base on Teoma where our current factory is getting set up. We are a warp capable org. As of right now we are looking for people to play with and are very flexible on jobs that are open. Mainly we need more miners and if your artistic at all and wanna learn voxelmancy i can hook u up with a good teacher. We will have a coder once beta arrives but if you having coding skillz those are very welcome. Please Message Testiclese or Clades if your interested in game. The leaders are all in PST but we welcome people from all over. discord https://discord.gg/uRKA8xR
  3. Pushing the boundaries of technology. Paving the way for tomorrows solutions. "We are committed to bringing the greatest value to our customers, by providing them with great services at affordable prices." Kronos Galactic Industries Metadata: Organizational focuses: Core Values: Languages: English (primary) - Ship building and design - We perpetually strive to increase our Timezone: All (global membership) - Research and Development efficiency throughout our Discord: https://discord.gg/MtNZMUN - Architectural design organization; by consistently - Resource discovery, mining, and management improving our performance and - Employment of all skill sets and skill levels optimizing our practices. Organizational Structure: Kronos Galactic Industries Management: Promoting Success The Chairman of Kronos Galactic Industries is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization and presides over the board of directors. The board of directors in turn is made up of the departmental heads who are in charge of the organization's departments, as well as advisors and the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Operations Officer. The combined board of directors is responsible for the efficient running and oversight the organization as a whole and the divisions found within. Organizational Divisions: Our Structural Skeleton Kronos Galactic Industries is made up of multiple departments in which our organizational operations are divided for greater efficiency. Each department is lead by a a department head who is responsible for all aspects of their respective department ensuring personnel are productive, and satisfied. Each department head is given the freedom to create subdivisions in their department whether to tackle unforeseen challenges or to further increase departmental efficiency. Major Departments: Ship Production & Design: From mighty warships, to humble transport vessels the ship production and design department does it all. Building the ships of tomorrow and creating blueprints that are constantly on the cutting edge. Architectural Design: The architectural design department draws designs for structures, whether they are mining stations found in the lonely depths of space; or offices, and HQ's found at the heart of a thriving metropolis. They construct blueprints for our clients to express our clients' natures and ideals to their public. Research & Development: Research & Development are the thinkers and the dreamers of Kronos Galactic Industries. They are tasked with developing newer methods of construction, and more efficient processes required to keep our organization at the forefront of technology. Resource & Material Management: Resource & Material Management searches for, secures, and exploits material deposits found across the galaxy. Once the materials are bought or mined, this department will refine and process the materials as needed for either sale, or use within the organization by the other departments. Logistics: Logistics is responsible for the tracking, selling, transporting, and storing, of all Kronos Galactic Industry goods, as well as predicting the resource allocation needs for the entire organization. Logistics analyzes the figures to distribute needed resources to the many construction bays and stations of our organization and to the markets where our goods and products need to be sold. The logistics department maintains competitive pricing at all open as well as private markets, and provide feedback on market trends to optimize sales. Human Resources: Human Resources safeguards our organizations life blood; It's employees. The department of human resources is responsible for the continued happiness of our workforce by making sure that they are satisfied and fairly compensated for their hard work. It is the job of human resources to make sure that any arguments between parties in the organization are resolved and that moral is maintained. Security: The security department and it's sub-divisions is tasked with the protection of all asserts within the organization against threats both internal and external. Whether they are protecting our physical assets such as organization ships, or protecting our factories and HQ's, or protecting our intellectual property and information. The security department has absolute authority to do what it takes to protect the organization and answers only to their department head and the board of directors. Public Relations: The face of Kronos Galactic industries; the Public relations department are the people whom our customers meet with generally. Whether a client is making a sale to our organization, or buying the latest blueprint from within our offices; this department ensures that business and meetings between parties run smoothly. Now Hiring! Kronos Galactic Industries is now hiring! If any of the above departments interest you, If you feel that you fill one or more roles listed above or have good ideas, please apply! (Senior Executive and Corporate level officers are selected from members demonstrating singular allegiance to Kronos Galactic Industries.) We don't exclude anyone based on nationality. If interested please join the discord link: https://discord.gg/MtNZMUN
  4. Welcome Prospective Players! Dual Universe provides players with a unique opportunity to create a universe completely made and designed by our own choices and decisions. Through such processes as territory control, a player-driven economy and editable surroundings, we can now interact with the world in an unprecedented way and we at Astralis Industries (ASI) intend to take full advantage of that! What Is Astralis Industries?Astralis Industries will represent an in-game company that will take full advantage of the player-driven economy and blueprint system. Working together with each and every member to create a unique environment where each members talent and ingenuity can add to the company's overall success. Focus: Astralis Industries will primarily focus on construct (ship, station, city, probes, drones....etc) construction and programming to design and showcase the most advanced constructs in the game. By creating unique ships that will be used by all types of organizations across the galaxy, we will be able to watch as the face of both Military and Civilian work changes based on the ships Astralis Industries releases to the market. This construction will require many different parts of our organization to work in concert with each other in order to make our designs a success! Mining: Ship construction, testing and eventual mass production will require large amounts of resources to perform. This means that our efforts in discovering and gathering precious minerals will be of top priority during all stages of the game. This will be the backbone of our company as we would like to maintain control of where we get our resources from to build all of our constructs. Trading: As we expand and begin to mass produce our ships in between release cycles, we will need talented individuals to take up the call to take sold ships to their respective buyers. Traders will also be the backbone of our resource transportation fleet, especially during testing and construction. Combat: According to the developer there will be 2 types of combat FPS and Ship-to-Ship, we will need to take advantage of the best of both to set ourselves above the rest and protect our assets. As we grow and expand, its going to be important to watch over individuals/groups as they go out and explore the planets we find ourselves on. We will need to not only protect our explorers but also defend our secrets and protect our assets as we develop into a more profitable company. Through this, combat will play an important role in all aspects and through all phases of the game as we begin to establish ourselves as one of the dominate organizations in the galaxy. Testing: These pilots would be the first to receive our top-of-the-line ships straight out of the drawing board and would ensure that what we produce is of the highest quality. Testing all systems aboard the ship from flight mechanics, to the custom scripts programmed onto them. GoalsAstralis Industries ultimate goal is to create an organization that has a large impact in the in-game economy and can provide for its members, the fees required to pay for the subscription. I know this is a far off goal, but I believe working together, with all the above in mind, we can achieve this and have an awesome time in-game. Prospective Applicants Here at Astralis Industries, we are always seeking amazingly talented people to add to our ranks, if you feel that your skills are unparalleled and that you would enjoy playing with the type of individuals that we represent, then feel free to drop us an application in the format presented below. To help the processing of applicants, we will provide a list of roles (that are subject to change based on game features) that will help both parties (Yourself & Astralis) figure out what play style you prefer. Which in turn will help us create and run events that cater to each of our members. ** None of these are final and don't represent you locking in a role, you can play however you want no matter what you choose, but will help us create fun events and projects around what people like to play ** Roles: Builder: As you can imagine this person would love to just be let loose on an area to build a base/city/spaceport. Ship Designer: This person loves the concept of designing ships that could potentially be used by all sorts of differing organizations. Miner: Resources are required for everything we do, and some people (Including myself) enjoy this type of game play. Search for and finding the rarest resources and having the satisfaction to look at a ship or building and know that "I'm the reason we were able to build this" . Combat (FPS): According to the developer there will be 2 types of combat and the first of which is FPS style. This person is going to focus on watching over individuals/groups as they go out and explore the planets we find ourselves on. They will be our champions and protectors as we journey out among the stars. Showing our strength when necessary and being the shield and that protects us. Combat (Ship): The second type of combat in DU is supposedly, EVE-esq ship-to-ship combat. These individuals will make up the backbone of our fleet. Commanding our ships and organizing large scale campaigns in times of crisis. Understanding that though we are a company at heart, we will not shy away from battle. Offshoot Roles: Programmer: One of the unique abilities offered by DU is the ability to program our ships and structures to be able to do custom actions that aren't native to the game. As a result, having individuals who would love to test out different defensive and offensive programs as well as potentially passive (mining drones, etc..) programs, will help Astralis Industries stand above the rest. Traders: I'm going to be honest, I love trading! However, i'm not entirely sure how it will work in DU and what infrastructure will be in place to support this occupation. Regardless, in whatever facet trading will exist, we will support those who, like myself, love the idea of transporting goods to our partners. Being quick and flexible about delivery runs as well as maintaining diplomatic partnerships throughout all trade deals. Policy/Governance: To be honest, I was hesitant putting this one in. But the territory control and organization structure, offer a unique opportunity for players to dictate and enforce policies and govern controlled territories differently. Due to this mechanic, i'm going to classify this as one you can pair with your primary choice. I'm also opening it up to a broader meaning, in that it will stand for the player's desire to work towards a leadership position. Again, I want to make sure that anyone potentially looking to applying to Astralis Industries understands that these are not roles that you are locking in, but roles that will give us an idea of what the majority of players will want to play and allow us to create and run events that cater to these choices. For instance, if a large group of individuals chose ship building, then we can hold a ship construction competition and have the best ship chosen to be part of the next line of ships released by the company. These would be build and test, so you could potentially pull in a pilot to test it out and even a programmer to customize the capabilities of your entry. Application Format (Copy & Fill): ======================================================== In-Game Name*: Desired Role: What Excites You Most About DU?: Why Astralis Industries?: Primary Language: Voice Communication**: ======================================================== * - Your desired name when the game launches ** - Not required to play or join ======================================================== Current State of Astralis Industries: Currently, i'm working on a variety of different projects to get the back-end of our group up and running. This includes looking into having a logo made, building a website and i'm in the works of setting up a discord server that we can all potentially chat in as the group grows. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to things like this, so I really want to make sure it's all setup correctly and done with a touch of professionalism. I'll keep everyone updated through the posts in our organization as we get things up and running. If you have any suggestions or ideas for really anything, feel free to send me a private message and we can talk about it there
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