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Found 1 result

  1. Hey All, I think DU is a game that could do justice to a system based around municipalities and governing. This may sound like an overreach of the free play nature of the game but I think the extremely capable playerbase will be hamstrung without these type of options. I will break it down some suggestions tier by tier: -Cities- (Mayorship) Facilities: city core unit, power, lights and respawn hub Commerce: unlinked market terminals and sales tax Zoning: city blocks, streets and zone based taxes, mining rights Policing: street level defensive structures for preventing violence in the city -Territories- (Governorship) Facilities: banks (terminals), warehouses (large vault style containers), trade hub (planetary terminals), planetary transportation Commerce: Import tax, city trade deals, industrial incentives Zoning: ability to claim adjacent territories with city progression instead of a physical territory units Policing: Major ground defenses to prevent outside aggresion -Planetary- (Lordship) Facilities: One specialized core unit chosen from a list (Large Scale Shield, Trade Center, Senate, Industrial Center), Spaceport (interplanetary transport) Commerce: Trade Center (interplanetary terminals), Org trade deals Zoning: Sanctuary zones, Conflict zones (within your influence and population) Policing: Planetary defense (Large Scale shields), Large anti-air defenses I know this is not all necessarily easy especially when you get to the Planetary tier. I believe some of the things in the first two tiers are very beneficial to having a meaningful player city experience. I would like to clarify a few things that may seem vague or odd. I know the idea of transportation hubs is odd when you have vehicles and spaceships but the idea is it to be a very fast way to travel from point A to B (at a steep cost) rather than physically traveling all that way. With such a large map this would incentive players to at the least pass through cities and traveling via personal ship would still have a place as you would only be able to travel with your character with this system. This would also generate a need for spacport adjacent ship storage. In my experience as a mayor in SWG this created a more interactive player population. Another thing that may seem odd is giving seemingly military facilities and roles to a municipal power but I tried to keep it to policing and defense as that is something a city does in real life. Lastly, I know some may see this and think this would take away the ability to build custom facilities and everything would become to uniform but most things in this list would be implemented into the game world via a core unit that could be supported by terminals and other types of units that would be linked to the core unit. Two examples of this would be a "city core unit" would be where you manage all of the linked city facilities including power, lights taxes etc... another example would be a "Trade Center" would have a core unit that would be required but then you can also attach additional terminals. From this you can physically make a voxel based building to fit whatever form you would like.This is just some ideas so please feel free to add or take away anything. The main goal is to keep it simple as I know designing and implementing systems like this is very difficult. Happy to discuss in the comments.
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