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Found 1 result

  1. Idea. Body equipment system. - Idea spied from World of Warcraft. - An additional window with a character model appears in the inventory window. This model can be rotated. - There are slots on the character model: for boots, for a torso, for a belt, for a back, for a head, for shoulders, for wrists, for a palm. - The helmet can be removed, but then the character's face editor is needed (by the way, it is very lacking in the game, because all characters are of the same type, differ - maximum in colors). - 2 types of HUD display interface: through the faceplate of the helmet, through a portable tablet on your wrist. Second type: It's like in "star citizen" - when the menu is displayed not through the HUD, but on the monitor next to the character, and the character presses with his hand - where the arrow was pointed on the screen. Initially, the character has a tablet worn on the wrist. If the player wants to fly into outer space or needs a more comfortable interface, the player can buy a helmet in the store, or make it himself. By the way, instead of a helmet too wearable augmented reality glasses (a futuristic analogue of Google glass) can do the most. - Different types of equipment are responsible for different functions in the character. For example: 1) The belt is needed to carry the tools. The most basic belt that is available to a character from the start of the game is This is a belt for 2-3 tool slots. Those. a menu that initially contains up to 9 tools - shortened to 2-3. Later, the player will be able to purchase a more expensive and advanced belt that will help to use 9 tools. 2) Boots. Some of them will give an increase in running speed, others will help to "be attracted to the metal floor "(necessary in zero gravity conditions), still others will help you fly longer (hello Iron Man). 3) Backpack. Initially, the player does not have access to Nanopack, but only a regular backpack with a capacity of 10-20 liters. Then the player will be able to purchase more expensive models of 30-60 liters. Nanopack only at the very end. Yes, this will greatly complicate life, but the player has a personal transport with a container. 4) Gloves. It is convenient to insert various micro-modules into gloves (flashlight, scanner, etc.), but more on that below. 5) Shoulders. Help with protection, just as convenient for installing larger scanners, instruments, mini drone or same laser cannon (hello Predator). 6) Torso. Overalls are usually worn on the torso. The jumpsuit gives its basic inventory (besides the backpack), but much more modest because of the pockets (no more than 5 liters capacity). The jumpsuit is also the most important. part of protecting the character. * - Equipped items do not take up inventory space. * - Ordinary backpacks cannot carry a large mass inside themselves (more than 300 kg), otherwise they will tear. * - Without a jumpsuit with a built-in exoskeleton - the player cannot carry a weight that is greater than his base 2 times. The closer the weight is to the maximum, the more slowly the player moves. * - Initially, the player has a simple factory jumpsuit with zero defense and cannot fly because it doesn't have micro motors. Micro modules for items of equipment. What is a micro module? This is a device that can be inserted into an item of equipment. For example: You can insert the micro flashlight module into a glove or into a helmet or shoulder pad. In order not to walk with a "scanner pistol" - you can install the scanner inside the glove, but in this if its characteristics will be much weaker, but space saving (if there is not enough on the belt). If the backpack does not have 2 micro engine modules installed, then the jetpack functions cannot be used. If you add more motors to gloves and boots, then you can fly even longer. Also, for example, you can insert a flashlight into the ore scanner, or a detector (to get 2 in one). Those. options to use the same thing - there can be many, thanks to micro-modules. The better the item (MK1, MK2) - the more slots it has for micro-modules. - Micro modules are installed in an interface similar to the one implemented in No Man's Sky, those. objects can be viewed, rotated. Imagine you made a combat pistol or rifle. You can install micro-modules in them an optical sight, or a laser sight, a silencer, a larger clip, etc. Or you can install a magnetic plate and a motor in your boots at the same time. Augmentation: Similarly with micro-modules, various devices can be installed in the body itself. Implants (to speed up the learning of various skills, etc., like in EVE online), but in addition, you can install: 1) Nanites. Increases strength, speed, regeneration. 2) Carbon skeleton hardener (special plates that are inserted into the bones and strengthen them). Or some kind of metal skeleton. 3) DNA modifier, improves various characteristics. 4) Cyborg's arm or leg. * - All of the listed items of equipment have their own durability, which is spent under certain conditions. They need to be repaired in a special building. * - You can also create a "set of equipment" to quickly put on certain things. There are many such sets you can make.
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