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Found 1 result

  1. Hey folks! Amongst the discussions we've seen a number of small mentions of this subject. But I don't think we've dived in the full details and possible implementations of this subject (do correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt I'd have to ask ;D). As what I've seen from videos, it would be an indication that the core is the power source. Seems rather simple while potentially, energy, could be a legit resource in a game like this. I trust I can leave the imagination of it's benefits as game feature to you, forum reader. Ultimately minerals and blueprints should not be the only primary source of income if you wish to build a game that revolves around city building and simulating a civilization. You need a diverse market of goods and services. Producing, storing and transferring energy from construct to construct could be the answer to many questions asked in several of these topics about energy shields, automated defenses, refining, etc. As for implementation and the way it could be applied in construction, wireless transferring energy is already a thing in our current modern science. Imagine that one could construct a power-source and one could create a link from one construct to another. Then one could edit the link to output an x amount per tick. Tick-rate already exists as an element in this game due to fuel-consumption shown in the shipbuilding videos. The linkage isn't top tier science either since linking a button and a door also already is an element in the game as shown in one of the tutorial videos. Being able to provide other static structures of energy also raises the cooperation spirit that this game promotes. It gives incentive to collect fuel to produce said energy, form a monthly tax perhaps to cover it's expenses so clients don't have to build their own power-source. I could go on, but again, I trust your creativity to imagine it's benefits to this game, it's community and it's world building lore.
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