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Found 3 results

  1. I'm collecting community created Dual Universe content (public In-game Designs, Text, Video, Audio and other media) mostly for my own amusement. If you are interested, you are welcome to join the Discord and discuss/contribute. There will certainly be a lot more stuff once the NDA ends, and I'm trying to stay in the loop. It's mostly lists & links so far, but I'd be happy to have an actual exchange of ideas, if there's any interest. https://discord.gg/3ysbhFY
  2. The current lore of Dual Universe states, that "at the moment of the Grand Exodus, humanity was divided into four main political movements". The first three movements are listed as the "Luminous" (looking for knowledge and wisdom), the "Alphas" (putting emphasis on strength and military power) and the "Emporium" (believing in the power of money and commerce). Those three will have a clear path and presumably character skills in the game - as scientists, soldiers and traders. For the fourth group on the other hand, the "Ethereans", the future is uncertain. As the lore st
  3. We know of various cultures within Dual Universe that arrived within the last centuries of Earth. The Luminous, Alphas, Ethereans and the Emporium. Aside from this little tidbit of knowledge, not much else is known about them. While we await for Alpha to be released, why not have some fun and speculate. What drove these cultures to arise? Who would you side with. Maybe create some history for one of them. Each culture will have their own ups and downs and intricacies. I hope they're given a proper lore/background by NQ, and I'm looking forward to them being picked up by various organisations o
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