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Found 2 results

  1. I have been following the larger orgs since I am not in one atm and I noticed that there is a new one called IBF (International Banking Federation). This has grown at a rate of about 10/day or accounts that at the start had just created their accounts and had neither profiles nor descriptions. After a couple days, the people joining switched to being names of people all in the same format with a picture of that person. I suspect foul play. (there are also a few accounts once the IBF got bigger that I suspect are real, like SongofStorm & Jamar_ ) This creation of a org starting base by one person spamming alts seems like some kind of cheating or at least breaking the spirit of the community to me because now new people are more likely to move to the org that spammed alts than the many other awesome and honest orgs that are now smaller.
  2. Wanted to put this out there. How much of a stickler will NQ be about exploits and changes? For a sandbox voxel type building game, I can already foresee players building ships and other structures that will do things the devs never imagined for them to be able to do. It will be inevitable. Not only that it will be mostly unintentional. How will the devs handle this as it props up? Will it be a smack on the wrist with a stern "No, don't do that again or be banned?" Or will they let it go and simply rebalance or rework it? And I'm not referring to something like covering your ship in a particular element because they forgot to make it destructible. I mean like, I combined two different voxel types and for some reason, enemy ships can no longer target me and I DON"T KNOW WHY.
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