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Found 1 result

  1. How can a territory be obtained from another faction? Well, two main thoughts come to mind: -Peacefully Obtained through trade (land for land, land for resources, land for money) -Forceful conquest This post is to discuss how players can take territories by force Capturing territory from another faction should be no easy task, automated defenses and player defenses will be present in larger, more desirable territories. But capturing someone's land should not be impossibly hard either. It should cost more resources to launch a successful offensive than maintain a defensive line. My idea would be to set up a web of command posts or capturable locations in a large territory hex. You, as an invader, must capture all of these secured points to be able to claim the territory. This is an example of zones within a hex territory. An invading group would have to overpower zones A through F, or a majority of the zones before they are allowed to capture the master command post represented as G. This makes invading factions form attack plans to capture the outer command posts before they can take a central power, and requires invading factions to scout out where a command post lies within each zone they are planning to capture. It also requires a heavy amount of scouting to find out which zones invaders should attack based on defenses and guards. Not all territory hex's should operate like this, but the Capital hex territory, or main command point for all the other hexes. The Capital hex should be the first territory you claim in that area, and should be able to be moved to other hex territories you claim later on in the same hex cluster (connected hexes) Please post your opinion about this and your ideas!
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