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Found 3 results

  1. I would love to hear what some of you are doing for 6 axis or less lateral thrust. I want to build a ship that feels more like a spaceship and less like a space jet. I got my flight-stick to work with joystick gremlin, vjoy and hidhide and I just feel like there are no real good options to use my flight-stick to enjoy 6 axis lateral thrust. I would love it if adjusters fired when I activate the lateral thrust binds; or, I think a better option would be the release of a new engine type that is designed to work specifically with the lateral thrust key binds with less or no warm up time. It would probably take a while before DU implemented a better system anyway, so what are some of you doing now; I would like to Know!
  2. Hello, I think it would be a good idea to have an addition of cylindrical atmospheric engines similar to the shape of space engines. Sometimes making what you want can be difficult because you are limited to using the clunky shape of the L atmospheric engine. Also, voxel glass please! - BananaHammer
  3. So I was thinking about Agents of Shield (I was listening to the music while working on other stuff) when I had a sudden, kind of wierd but awesome idea: what if someone made the Zephyr from Agents of Shield in DU? I was wondering if seems completely implausible, or if this mobile base idea would actually work out well. ***before someone gets on to me, yes I realize about the NDA, I'm talking just from what's been shown in the Dev Blogs and other official videos*** Also while on the topic, are there any other good mobile bases like the Zephyr that anyone can think of to use?
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