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Found 1 result

  1. Noveans! The much-anticipated rewards for the first chapter of PvE Missions are now ready to be revealed. Your hard work, dedication, and tenacity are just some of the strengths that helped you achieve victory, and we will honor your achievements. Here is the list of the brave Noveans being honored: Novark Elite These are the top damage dealer contribution throughout the whole campaign. This includes the top 20 damage dealers in the epic boss fight, as well as keeping up the fight during the campaign. Rewards: In-game Title: Novark Elite Along with the in-game title, Novark Elites will receive one (1) Exotic large shield and 50 million quanta for their efforts. List of players that will receive the Novark Elite rewards (in alphabetical order): _DNeo_ Barbecue95 Canuckl3head Ch3w8a2 copperlein CptMarlin Debrin Dronko Eisenstein ElusiveMrD EternalDreamer Fogger goldman541 Goobam Hellica Ignads JohnnyBravo Kitpoe Koffye Krengus LaPleureuse Matarulo MrShady Nayropux Nicholiae Porkchop Sekhmet Shairun SpinCaTx Suunto Tialoc Tional Tonvor Treach UntalkativeBob VelaDeAche Voracious W1zard Walter Zeiffer Reliable Soldiers These Noveans proved their worth by having the strength to never give up, no matter how many times they failed or how long it took. They persevered and pushed hard, and we will honor their contributions. Rewards: In-game Title: Reliable Solider Along with the in-game title, Reliable Soldiers will receive one (1) Rare medium shield and 15 million quanta for their efforts. List of players that will receive the Reliable Soldier rewards (in alphabetical order): Canuckl3head CaptMarlin CptMarlin Damian_Firecaster DominoSugar Dronko ElusiveMrD Goldman541 IndigaterJones JohnnyBravo Kitpoe Krengus LaPleureuse Lynkon Mercurius Metsys Mistery Nicholiae OMADAWN Ralpheon Raven81 Seawing SpinCaTx Suunto Tional UntalkativeBob Zeiffer The titles and rewards above will be available within 24-48 hours following this announcement. Well fought Noveans, but the fight isn't over yet. The Astrophage threat remains, and we must stand ready to face it. Onwards to victory! 🎖️
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