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Found 1 result

  1. From what I know there are anti-gravity engines commonly discussed for this game. The devs even have a concept drawing for a hovercraft engine found here. From the E3 trailer I can deduce that something like this is already implemented as you will see massive ships suspended in mid air hovering over a planet's surface. I made this thread because I think that the hovercraft engine is cool but I don't think it should be the only means of mobility on a planet's surface. I would like to see trains and automobiles still in use as I feel like they could achieve certain tasks that certain ships couldn't. A maglev or a hyperloop train for instance would probably be very effective at hauling massive amounts of cargo or people safely, reliably, and quickly at a fraction of the cost of a full size cargo ship. Cars/Rovers would still be effective at moving individuals and small amounts of materials in a local area while being fairly inexpensive. Plus the infrastructure of building roads and rails would really bring character to a planet or colonization. Hovercraft should definitely have their place but I think that there should be other forms of surface transportation.
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