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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, I'm just going to rattle off some quick-fire questions, they may or may not be asked elsewhere. If anyone wants to add anything go right ahead, plan is to keep this as short and sweet questions answers as much as possible, but time will tell on that. - What is the plan with water? - If there is water... - Boats? - Buoyancy? - Sails or motors? - Is there going to be any liquids at all ? - if there is liquids... - Fuel? - coolant? - Hydraulics? - How do resources replenish? - If i chop a tree will it fall over? - If i chop a tree will it disappear? - If i chop a tree will is slowly shrink or just pop gone? - If i mine some (iron lets say), will there reduce the quantity that planet has forever? - Can i have a open mine with a big rotating extractor? (like a chainsaw, but a excavator) - How many different Resources will there be/ are there currently? - Capacities, will there be stack limits, inventory limits? - Is the 'money' spoke about somewhere going to be the only currency of will there be an item to item trade system? - Will there be ground items or is everything manipulated through inventory screens? - If there is ground items what protection/limitations will there be for thieves? - Will items have a ground duration? - will items just float away in space and never stop ? - Will we need lights at night time or will it be light enough? - Will there be some form of solar damage, staying outside on a planet that's too close to the sun hurts you maybe? - - Likewise for cold planets to far away from a sun - Black holes? - Landing on stars? - making bases orbiting stars? - technology that allows you to 'harvest' stars? - Circuits? - Windpower, like old style windmills for grinding wheat but to mechanically operate mines or factories by the movement ect ? - If theres water.. Hydrodams / generators using water? - Solar events, like solar storms, quasars, solar flares? .... Well that's more than i thought i had in my head, and there is still more but i think i'll leave it at that for the time being and go have some food to replenish my mind
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