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Found 2 results

  1. Ability to build on physical moving space ship kinda tinckles me We know the creation mod at first create non physical voxels until you activate its physics Will the created voxel stand still on xyz position untill one wall of the ship bumps into it, and stops the whole spaceship? Will created voxel automatically and instantly be linked to the physical properties of the ship, so that will create a physical voxel that will start bumping on the floor? Will created voxel automatically and instantly be linked to the ship but with non physical properties, considering the air in between the ship voxels and the created voxels is solid? What if my first created voxel is created in the air within the ship and not touching the ship? What when i ll want to save my creation, if i save the whole ship blueprint with it? I really consider this question tricky in terms of links and properties What if it is technicaly impossible, and what will we do in spaceships during a month travel exept socialising?
  2. How about adding physic to constructions, by adding some gravity, weigh and strength to material, so for larger scale building constructions on planets, players will be forced to recreate a stable structure to build on. Making impoosible to build bridges without pillars, suspended houses with a triangulated structure, or even a floor without a certain thickness, neither a dirt tower.... As i understood Voxel builds is composed by millions of tiny tiny pixels cubes, so it might not be difficult to make calculation to make cunstruction horizontally collapse based on distance of last cube from attached solid point. Here is what we know about Voxel: Here is what i m talking about:
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