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Found 1 result

  1. The Seru Star System consists of 1 gas giant (Monat) with 3 planets orbiting that gas giant. There appears to be a giant jungle planet with a moon orbiting it in a far orbit. Part of the Sedni Cluster. PLANETS AND MOONS: (Monat, Gas Giant) Analysis: Diameter: 121,391 km Core: Solid Hydrogen at 949.4444 Celsius. Bottom Layer: 39% Methane, 4% Liquid Water, 1% Nitrogen, 6% Oxygen, 41% Xenon, 8% Hydrogen, 1% other gases. Middle Layer: 40% Methane, 31% Hydrogen, 4% Nitrogen, 9% Oxygen, 16% Other Gases Top Layer: 61% nitrogen, 23% oxygen, 8% Argon, 7% Helium, 1% Other Gases Gravity: Bottom Layer: 39G Middle Layer: 27G Top Layer: 5G Description: The Gas Giant is a planet consisting of mostly hydrogen and helium. The outermost layer is illogically oxygen with a mixture of nitrogen. This makes the environment breathable to humans, but the gravity 5 times as strong as Earth, which means you still need a suit. Because of the high argon content, Monat glows with a bright, sparkly blue. Wildlife: Floatus Simple flying creatures (Not Intelligent and Non-Sentient). They feed off of hydrogen and nitrogen and some can be kilometers in diameter. They float by having 3 organic gaschamber, and letting off gas to float/sink. Some people build settlements on them and farm grass as they are covered in moss. Their meat is slightly gelatin and will make you have gas in your stomach. The meat is some protein, basic soil (Nitrogen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Chlorine, Gold, Particles of Protein) that allows moss growth. The real shine here however is the how one can "breathe" this meat. The problem however is getting the impurities and moss spores in your lungs. Kraken Can pretty much annhilate anything. The size of an asteroid, it has 4 arms that seem to grab solids around it. None of them are the same as each other and its thought to be part of the planet Garten. History: DECRYPTING ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Garten, Living Planet) Analysis: Diameter: 3,649km, almost Titan's radius. Core: Basically a heart that survives off of geothermal heat. Atmosphere: 13% Unknown Bacteria and Viruses, 41% Methane, 1% Carbon Dioxide, 9% Other Gases, 1% Argon, 27% Oxygen, 8% Helium-3 Gravity: 1.3 G Description: Garten is completely infected with a virus. The planet is a orange-brown-yellow color that has a very thick atmosphere. You could breath the air if filtered, but otherwise you'd die from the virus/bacteria. No wildlife is detected and when going near the core, minor "earthquakes" happen because of the heart's beat. This energy can be harvested but unfortunately the middle has gases that cause extreme corrosion, so special ships are required. Giant appendages can be found on the surface, swatting at large objects which meants certain doom if flying near one. However, the planet is full of Helium-3, so some mining corporations are daring to mine on it. The planet is somewhat rocky and hilly, but by no means hard to traverse. It has a moon orbiting, Darei. History: (Unique) A mining drone was sent here to scout the surface. The mining drone was swatted by an appendage but the mining faction DEM (Dauntless Energy Mining, not a real faction) thought it was debris. They got curious, as this mining drone was quite large, about the size of a shuttle. They send a crew with 3 people semi-trained in combat, and a drone. Their names were UNIT-708 Verna, cloned with faulty genes. UNIT-659 Jacob, a clone that has normal attributes. UNIT-934 R91, a clone that had cancer and was sent here because [direct quote]: "expendable and useless". DRONE-774 was basically a very useful but prototype drone. After hitting the atmosphere, UNIT-659 was killed by unknown means. The shuttle soon was hit by a huge appendage, falling quickly into the ground. They thought they were sinking but in reality, the ground was growing around them. The windows started cracking and UNIT-934 R91 immediately put up a beacon saying "SOS: The Shuttle was sinking because being hit by "debris" and they were sinking." In reality, they were simply getting consumed. DRONE-774 malfunctioned and started destroying the shuttle. The Shuttle's interior was about the size of a small apartment's interior, so they had to destroy DRONE-774. UNIT-708 Verna and UNIT-934 R91 escaped by using the eject seat. Verna was killed by being infected. UNIT-934 R91 requested immediate EVAC. 10 minutes later UNIT-934 R91 was in the base, explaining everything. They quickly tested his vitals and found out he had no cancer. Mining on this planet is now prohibited but will not be enforced because the planet will easily kill unprepared people. 7 years later, an asteroid hits the planet, forcing chunks of the planets into Monat. The biomass thrives here and becomes part of the local wildlife. Thankfully, however, there is no harmful diseases or viruses transmitted. 8 days later, a containment breach happened and the biomass escaped the solar system, infecting JANUS (New Solar System coming soon). DEM immediately called a quarantine on a small portion of the galaxy but never disclosing why to prevent panic and weaponization of the bacteria. After intense research for a cure (Note: the bacteria is not highly dangerous but will attack organic materials to thrive. Humans are not the best host so the bacteria follows this formula: If the Bacteria is struggling to expand, they will consume and molecules. If not, they will not harm organic life. Thats why UNIT-708 Verna was killed since the Bacteria was cropped up and was slowly dieing.), they realized this and a cure was never made. Instead, they managed to make a cocktail of chemicals to mimic growth in the bacteria just so it won't attack organic life. 4 Hours later, the bacteria was officially named "IDBCL-2" which stands for "Intelligent Dangerous Bacterial Colony Lifeform, Case 2". There was a "IDBCL-1" but was quickly cured because the bacteria didn't mutate as much nor did it have complex genes. "IDBCL-2" however mutates randomly but will never try and convert other strains. If two strains meet, they will share DNA and try and find out the best genes for survival. The cure for this was basically a verison that compromised its survival, but cannot kill it. If this bacteria ever meets with a highly dangerous one, DEM reccommends using cryosleep for about 10,000 years to sterilize the galaxy of it. If this ever comes into contact with the "ICBFI-3" (Intelligent Colony-Based Fungal Infection, Case 3), we could basically see an entire civilization infected, mutated, and keep working, and then spread its infection. ICBFI-3 is somewhat like this, but much more logical and MUCH less transmitability, and does not mutate as much. 1 year later, exactly this happened in JANUS (coming soon). Nothing ever happened to its moon, Darei --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Darei [Dah-Ray], Moon) Analysis: Diameter: 1731 km Core: Earth-like Atmosphere: 3% Pure Hydrogen, 23% Nitrogen, 4% Oxygen, 6% Methane, 51% Carbon Dioxide, 4% Plutonium Powder, 9% Other Gases Underground Atmosphere: 70% Nitrogen, 19% Oxygen, 9% Carbon Dioxide, 1% Plutonium, 1% Other Gases Gravity: Above: 0.93 Underground: 0.61 Description: This place would seem like a TERRIBLE place for plants to live. However, underground this planet is basically sanctuary. DEM simply disregarded this planet has a "hellhole" and "unfit for life". There was small cave openings with plants surrounding them that filter out plutonium. These plants are bitter but very healthy once the plutonium is taken out. They named the plant "Iron Lettuce" for its metallic/bitter taste but looks similar to lettuce but a bit more gray. There is no IDBCL-2 since the plutonium on the surface pretty much murders any life on the surface before it can get into the actual planet itself. The plutonium in the underground atmosphere is completely irradiated and will not cause cancer or anything. Thorium runs rampant in veins, making Thorium reactors a great choice! The soil on the surface is barren and gray but the underground soil is nice, rich, and a reddish brown. Huge caves are underground that range from a meter to 109 kilometers. The dirt tastes strange as it tastes a bit of stone, sugar, little bit of salt, and flour. They mix with this with water, eggs, and a bit more sugar to make a paste and bake it. This resembles a healthy-alternative to cake and Darei has since then been a huge hit in surrounding solar systems. However, the cake must be bootlegged as the goverment bans trade to outside the solar system and supplies may only go in because of IDBCL-2. IDBCL-2 has been itching for growth and will soon evolve with disasterous consequences. Wildlife: Plants such as moss grow on the walls. Trees similar to Earth's but roots that like spread more instead of going down and leaves are shaped more oval-like. History: DEM thought Darei was simply a useless moon until COS (Community of Seru), an independent community thriving illegally in Seru. They found this moon and sent a drone here to find nothing. They dug at the ground a little and then hit a cave. They got excited and immediately ordered 53 people to investigate. They were never heard of for 4 years because of a broken antenna. 4 years later, they managed to create a Research vessel and reestablish communications. The COS was shocked and freaked out. Has the evolution of IDBCL-2 happened? They sent a security team and they reassured them these were the people. The people on Darei told them what they learned and drove the Research Vessel back to COS Base. 3 years later, Darei was a happy moon right next to a planet made up of a bacteria that will you destroy organic lifeforms if needed. 4 days later a giant breakthrough was made: Iron Lettuce can be used for filters. This led to growing Iron Lettuce a lot for filters. Moreso, since its a plant, it grows off of water and carbon dioxide. Darei has ever since became a place to unwind and drink the local cocktails and alcoholic drinks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Felui, Nuclear Devasted Planet) Analysis: Diameter: 11,321 km (Close to Venus) Core: Magnetically Destabilized (Functions in same as Mar's) Atmosphere: 41% Carbon Dioxide/Monoxide, 9% Ammonia, 10% Plutonium Powder, 35% Ashes, 5% Other Gases Gravity: 1.7 Description: An entire world devastated by nuclear winter, except that nature caused it. There was a huge plutonium deposit right next to sodium. Erosion caused them to mix, and when an entire ocean reacted to the sodium, the entire world was immediately flashed by this. There was a total of 11 of these plutonium/sodium mixes. The world flashed with light, and was soon basically a huge radioactive hellhole. DEM found out there was a lot of unknown elements nicknamed "anomalies". These elements range from being hyper-dense particles to zero-point energy generators. Artifact hunters hunt for these which is highly illegal. Artifact Hunters are usually put to inhumane experiments. Anomalies, however, are prized at billions of dollars and have been reaching for illegal medial studies. A mass-driver weapon was found at NEROY Solar System, powered by using anomalies. This planet has a dark glow, similar to a blackhole's event horizon. Wildlife: Overwatchers are passive enemies that look like shadows. They're physic creatures that simply move if disturbed. Found in the ruins of this community. They are the past inhabitants of Felui. Mutated deer roam the surface. History: This was one of the home-worlds of an Arkship made by DEM. The entire world was infected with IDBCL-2 quickly which triggered the sodium-plutonium deposits. The rest was a struggle with survival but today, only a small colony consisting of 54 people from DEM and COS. They were never rescued. This was the only piece of history as all logs were mostly corrupted. There was only 1 corrupted message, which is a love letter to a lover. NEF has several automated energy facilitys that beam a giant efficent laser into the air, where it is reflected unto a giant solar panel orbiting Jer. Multiple factions claim to own this but but OWC owns it completely. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Jer, Terraforming Planet) Analysis: Diameter: 17,623 Core: Little Magnetic Pole (Earth-like) Atmosphere: 59% nitrogen, 25% oxygen, 1% Argon, 7% Helium, 1% Other Gases, 7% Hydrogen Based Elements Gravity: 1.4 G Description: Barren Research Planet. Jer was a huge Mars-like planet and was terraformed by the XCA (Exa Colonization Act). There are giant bio-domes dotting the surface full of life. They are slowly venting purified air into the atmosphere. There are teams researching a better cure for IDBCL-2. Small, insignificant anomalies can be found that contain a breatheable atmosphere. It is orange-red velvet with grass spots. Wildlife: Only imported animals are here. These includes deer, bees, wolves, ducks, ect. Earth-like plants grow here. History: A planet with little history. Only containment breaches are the events that happen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIAGRAM OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=797077755 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Factions of Seru Name: Owned Planets: WarShips: First Entry into Solar System COS "Community of Seru" Darei 9 6.15 Opels DEM "Dauntless Energy Mining" Felui, Monat 11 15.0 Opels IDF "IDBCL-2 Research Facility" Garten, Felui 2 10.5 Opels SCP "Sedni Cluster Police" None 14 16.5 Opels FCR "Forgotten Colony Rebellion" Felui, Monat 3 8.15 Opels Minor Factions: Name: Owned Planets: Ships: First Entry into Solar System MOD Market of Darei Darei 9 9 Opels NEF Nuclear Energy Facility Felui 1 (Drone) CORRUPTED LOG OWC Overwatchers Community Felui UNKNOWN UNKNOWN CT Civilian Transport None 14 11.5 Opels WWM Wildcard Weapon Manufacture Monat 2 7 Opels Unique Laws: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In case of IDBCL-2 infection, the SEDNI Cluster Police demand that all ships must stop movement in the cluster stop transport immediately to prevent infection to the entire galaxy. In the Multiverse, this law has stopped 17 infections theoreticaly according to a special billion Spark (1.3 Billion Dollars) computer meant to simulate thousands of different universes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All produce must be inspected in the Seru Star System not for IDBCL-2, but for smuggled merchandise. Produce in the Seru Star System is usually special blue fruit found growing wildly on Monat. The fruit floats and "tastes like sugary clouds". In reality they taste like Blue Raspberry Icecream. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nuclear weaponry are ironically banned on Felui. People still use them and the government does not care. However, on Monat this is EXTREMELY illegal as shooting a nuke as its nuclear elements would spread really quickly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Using PCE (pre-collision event(seconds, minutes, hours, days, ect)) is illegal as the government believes it disrespects the current time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Messing around an Overwatcher is highly illegal and can result in death. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: "Owned" planets simply mean they own a piece of land. However Felui has constant skirmishes. History of the Solar System DECRYPTING
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