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Found 2 results

  1. Hello fellow Arkship passengers I found out this official Artwork at Dual Universe page on IndieDB a few days ago and this thing blow up my mind That will be awesome if we can be a Hunter, hunting for Unique Animals that spreads on each planets in each unique Solar Systems. And we can Extract something useful from it, resources like : Their meat for some foods Their skin / fur for some clothes & accessories, or even some armors ? Or perhaps we can tame them as Space Pets Also, i think by adding "Hunting" aspect to the Skill Tree system will be awesome (especially for players that love hunt) so the hunting activity will be much exciting & challenging as the skill progress. Adding a Hunt-Specific weapon & equipment will be also interesting, like : Tactical Arrow that shown on the Artwork A large & strong Net to trap Animal that passing by Or perhaps a Fishing Rod ? I realize that i wish too much for a game that even has not been released but hey, i just give my opinion & ideas . I hope the Developer will see this as a potential feature in the future What do you think ? do you have any great ideas ? Let's discuss Image Source : www.indiedb.com/games/dual-universe
  2. MechMercant


    I have an idea In ark suvival evloved and certain other survival games, there are things called cuffs Duel Universe with cuffs would make player capture alot easier and people like Sheriffs, bountyhunters, and others.
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