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Found 2 results

  1. In order to support a varied market/economy, I think the dev should give players the tools to do agriculture as their primary specialty. The recipes need to be more involved than requiring only what we dig out of the ground. There are a lot of materials such as textiles, wood, fiber, medicines, oils, not to mention plant and animal based food than can come from this. Of course in order to make this specialty interesting, it should be as in depth as mining appears to be. For example, say you come across a particular plant on some alien planet and it is discovered that this plant can be used to repair genes. That makes the plant very valuable but maybe it is exceptionally particular as to its growing requirements. It would take a skilled farmer to figure out how to cultivate it. It has been said that there will be plenty to do for people who arn't aggressors and don't want to engage in combat. This could be one of those activities. Anyways, it would make for a more immersive environment for you PVPers to see patchwork farms while you fly over and away from the cities.
  2. From the gameplay shown at E3, I noticed a couple of things that were a bit underpar. That's the native life on the shown planets. Everything is a bit too green, there needs to be more variety on planets, like a planet like Felucia from star wars with its colorful plants and life. So basically more types of trees, that are not just trees you would find on an earth like planet. Plants are good and all but there was also a complete absence of any animal life on the planets shown. I don't know how the devs want to go about this but Animals are big parts of the planet as well as the plants/trees/etc and there should be some sort of animal on the planets whether they be hostile or not, a universe full of humans is nowhere near realistic. I don't know if there is a survival type system where you eat and drink to survive but if so Animals would play a huge part in that. Maybe even artificial life would be a thing that you could find on a planet? With robotic humanoids or metal trees, something of the sort. Generally speaking there just needs to be more (And more types) of Flora and Fauna. Share thoughts and ideas of what they would look like?
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