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Found 1 result

  1. It is completely understandable how this would not work, but it is at least food for thought. Anyone in Ninja Clan Fu, including MatzaJew and myself WILL BE P2P from the beginning. This is purely an idea/solution to the want of the game being F2P to some extent. This is not us wanting a F2P version of the game. So I have been discussing the subject of everyone posting about the subscription dilemma plaguing the forums with @MatzaJew I got the idea when we were discussing other games sub models. I have played Runescape for about 12 yrs. For those who don't know, they have two types of server. F2p and P2P servers. Now, DU is one shard so that wouldn't work. But, what would be the possibility of sectioning a solar system or two that would be a F2P zone on the same shard. A zone that would keep F2P in THAT zone and P2P would be kept out of it. You could get into it from P2P, but you wound't take anything with you. Your character would become the F2P equivalent. There would also be VERY VERY limited contact between the zones. This zone would have a lot of limiting factors: 1.) You would only be able to build so many cubic meters of voxels. So you would only be able to build either a small ship and small building, or either a medium structure or medium ship(still be limited to one person). This would allow people to experience the building aspect of the game, but be limiting enough so that they are experiencing a small percentage of what awaits them in the P2P universe. 2.) You would be limited on what materials you could use to build. i.e. bronze for ships or wood for structures. 3.) You would be SEVERELY limited on the amount of resources your character can carry. As well as how much money you can make. This would keep from grinding for more than the trial period and pay for P2P with in-game money. 4.) Skills would also be SEVERELY limited to basic knowledge. Things like forges, refineries, smithies, stoves and what not would be found around the F2P arkship, much like Runescape, they would work for multiple people at one time. 5.) The F2P zone could also be a non-PVP zone to some extent. Maybe the weapons in the area have limited damage they do, so PK-ing would be very difficult. 6.) Organizations would be limited to 3 people, if there are any. This would allow people to see how the mechanic works, but they still aren't experiencing the full version. 7.) As well as the F2P zone having its own market. While it could be a part of the whole games market, you wouldn't be able to get into or out of the zone to collect your stuff. Also as mentioned before, F2P would be limited on how much money their character can have. So it would make sense to have their own market, if the even get one. Some other options to consider: 1.) Being stuck on the planet, and not being able to traverse space on your own. But, you could pay an NPC to fly you to another planet, moon or what not. I would be expensive, or only possible once P2P members have been able to leave Alioth. This would keep F2P from experiencing space travel before P2P members. 2.) Not having a F2P global market, but you travel to certain areas to buy/sell what you need. 3.) Only having a limited number of play hours per 24 hour period. i.e. only getting to be in the F2P zone for 8 hours per 24 hour period. 4.) There could also be a F2P zone "wipe" every 2-4 weeks, so that the zone does not get completely destroyed and over run. How this would be accomplished would need to be figured out, but could be an option. We decided to put this together to give a possible solution to the argument of F2P vs. P2P since not many people have many out-of-the-box ideas for solving this dilemma. We have talked back and forth for hours about this before I decided to put this post together. We understand that some people are happy with bare minimum, so removing certain aspects of the game would make it playable, but you wouldn't get the full experience of the P2P area of the game. Thanks for taking the time to read and consider what we have come up with. OVERALL, we feel this gives someone enough of an experience of the game outside of the 2-4 week trial, while limiting the amount of time the could possibly have to play this F2P area. Thanks again for reading! -TrihXeen & MatzaJew
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