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Found 1 result

  1. Per a request, I am moving this idea over to the "Idea Box", which makes a great deal of sense and probably why I didn't think of it! I believe it would be an excellent idea to have a prop, or a setting, for someone that "owns" an area to be able to connect to an outside URL for music streams. It could also work for video, but in a voxel world I am thinking that would create a lagfest, but I do not know for certain. An audio or video stream is going to be limited by the streams quality--64 kbps or 128 kbps--anyway, but I have not worked with the video side very much. What this would allow is for Clubs, Bars, Cantinas, Dives, Social Areas, to pipe in whatever music they wish. For those who know DJs with their own streams--those DJs can have live shows during the week. It also opens up things like theme parties, and the like. For those unfamiliar with the possibilities, you can go to www.radiofreegaia.com. That is a radio station for people in The Secret World with multiple DJs and themes. The only thing TSW doesn't have is the in game ability since there is no "building" there and only common areas--so the streams are accessed outside the game itself. It is just not the same experience as "in game" music. There is nothing quite like walking into a place in a virtual world and having it have its own flavor of sound. Music is a common denominator for many and can be a focal point for many people's interaction in a game.
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