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Found 1 result

  1. Deployable warheads for use in creating explosions, mining, clearing areas, eh we all know we won't be using them for that. Now we aren't just talking physics based explosive warheads of varying yield and magnitude, can we infiltrate an enemy construct and plant explosives? Now for the next topic, constructing a nuclear warhead is a very time consuming and expensive process, not to mention the design of the warhead itself is crucial to its function. As far as nuclear warheads in the game, if at all, they should be required to be built realistically, aka spending great amounts of time and resources separating U-235 from U-238 making them expensive, and used sparingly. As for the design aspect things would be different, unless there is some weapon specific designer, which I doubt, they would probably be technologies of various parts that would together make an explosive device that can be detonated or loaded onto a deliver system. As for yield given the scale of the game it may be possible to use real world yield predictions in terms of nuclear devices. As for radiation that all depends on survivals requirements which a different topic. I mean we can obviously dial the yield back, or we could have another arms race. Imagine an entire city withstanding a nuclear blast using a great shield. Now imagine a giant crater that used to be your opposing corporation's main supply yard. Next two giant capital ships launching nuclear missiles at each other from great distance and attempting to withstand the blasts, or proximity detonation to devastate small ships. In order to balance this its got to be hard, expensive, and time consuming. And everyone is going to know you're building nukes if they find the giant facilities necessary to refine the components. Which may cause, preemptive strikes. It could add a lot to the immersion and politics, but honestly I think I might have gone too far, we should probably dial back yields a bit and add countermeasures.
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