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    Texture Wishlist

    it's just a general wishlist, and I know we're nowhere near getting purely esthetics things added but I figured to put it up now so the Devs can see it.
  2. Texture Wishlist This is a WIP wishlist just things I’d like to see in games so to maybe help Inspire devs here it is Basic Stone Cobble wood(log/Lumber)# New wood, old wood, diagonal wood boards(both[/][\] angles ), straight wood(both[|][-] directions) brick straw Cob Marble / Granite wattle and daub Glass Stained glass# Dirt Gravel Iron Gold Silver Copper Roof tiles(wood, clay) Bronze Modern Concrete# Steel# Diamond plate, Expanded Metal, Perforated Sheet, Bar Grating, MISC. Color* Emerald #(16 colors: Black white gray silver maroon red olive yellow green lime teal aqua navy blue purple fuchsia) *(http://www.colourlovers.com/web/blog/2008/04/22/all-120-crayon-names-color-codes-and-fun-facts Mahogany Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown Chestnut Red Orange Sunset Orange Bittersweet Melon Outrageous Orange Vivid Tangerine Burnt Sienna Brown Sepia Orange Burnt Orange Copper Mango Tango Atomic Tangerine Beaver Antique Brass Desert Sand Raw Sienna Tumbleweed Tan Peach Macaroni and Cheese Apricot Neon Carrot Almond Yellow Orange Gold Shadow Banana Mania Sunglow Goldenrod Dandelion Yellow Green Yellow Spring Green Olive Green Laser Lemon Unmellow Yellow Canary Yellow Green Inch Worm Asparagus Granny Smith Apple Electric Lime Screamin Green Fern Forest Green Sea Green Green Mountain Meadow Shamrock Jungle Green Caribbean Green Tropical Rain Forest Pine Green Robin Egg Blue Aquamarine Turquoise Blue Sky Blue Outer Space Blue Green Pacific Blue Cerulean Cornflower Midnight Blue Navy Blue Denim Blue Periwinkle Cadet Blue Indigo Wild Blue Yonder Manatee Blue Bell Blue Violet Purple Heart Royal Purple Purple Mountains’ Majesty Violet (Purple) Wisteria Vivid Violet Fuchsia Shocking Pink Pink Flamingo Plum Hot Magenta Purple Pizzazz Razzle Dazzle Rose Orchid Red Violet Eggplant Cerise Wild Strawberry Magenta Lavender Cotton Candy Violet Red Carnation Pink Razzmatazz Piggy Pink Jazzberry Jam Blush Tickle Me Pink Pink Sherbet Maroon Red Radical Red Mauvelous Wild Watermelon Scarlet Salmon Brick Red White Timberwolf Silver Gray Black)
  3. what about a ridged curve line tool I have already started to make a style guild and it has a lot of curved lines
  4. Hello everyone My name (username) is Captain Nazeris. I love the space/sci-fi genre, and I am the proud creator of the NOVA Republic (https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/nova-republic#tab-posts).I also have a Youtube channel and will be doing videos on this game(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOAtNc10g4K5-lTJ1cVNMyw)
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