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  1. Ah thanks for the tip. I take a quick look ^^
  2. Haha thanks, i already played a few times but I did not get very far ^^. Thats the reason why i am searching for Players ?
  3. discordauth:UKsvLreXbGQOC0yDnR1B7rWBDWeJgmSYk3sLDdW8Khg=

  4. Hey guys i am from Germany and Looking for another german Player. I am completly new to this game and at the Moment alone ^^. I hope there are some other german Players out there who are searching for mates to Play with.
  5. discordauth:UKsvLreXbGQOC0yDnR1B7rWBDWeJgmSYk3sLDdW8Khg=

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