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  1. @CoreVamore I think your statement just summarises the point of player driven games. For me, even though I am sort of a pacifist, I still want to be in survival games because of the element of risk. I think it is human nature to compete, to become better than their former selves (which is what gave birth to survival games imo). And the beauty of Dual Universe is that the skills and abilities are not restricted by classes or skill caps, but by each player's own learning capacity, which can be limitless in theory. You might be a bad fighter, but you can become one, and there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that . Also, in games where players are restricted by classes or skill caps, they are forced to cooperate with others in order to survive, even though they may disagree or hate those people due to personalities, moralities, etc. Life is Feudal: MMO is an example that I can testify for. People have restricted skills and they are forced to join together for survival, and eventually the mechanics of the game brought out the worst of people. The toxicity made so many good people leave the game. DU, on the other hand, doesn't restrict you in that sense. People will find those who are on the same wavelength to cooperate naturally. Sure, toxic and domineering people would still be there. But in my opinion, they are of a minority, and the majority will naturally band together. Where there's people, there's politics. And eventually, people will find a solution and a place where they belong. I do believe we need a creative mode, which should be an eventual part of the game. At least that's how I see it. Pitch in your opinion. God knows I can be so wrong sometimes.
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