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  1. Well, usually such "test drives" are done on an isolated area not on the main grid. On the other hand DU is scaled for millions of users so the amount of these quests should not be a problem. Beyond all these this is rather not about the money, but about politeness and focus on your customers, imho. DU has the potential to be the most important MMO game (about to be) released during the last several years, I wish everything around it to be at high standards, and for me the ability to take such a test drive is part of that.
  2. Thank you for your answer! Do you know if is refund available if someone played just 1-2 hours in order to check out the game? Similar to those 2 hours limit at Steam, for example.
  3. Hello All, Can anybody tell me if do I need to pay the subscription fee just to try the Game? I would like to check at what extend my current computer is able to run the game with different graphic settings. Is there any possibility to try that ? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I have been playing several space based games over the years that have different in-game UI concepts. However, if you are playing long enough you will almost run into situations when some UI element is in your way overlapping the point of interest of your current building/docking whatever action. These games usually offer several levels of UI details, but this is not always the combination you would prefer the most. Mods may introduce great improvements but they usually do not let you to quickly customize the in-game UI. Example: In one of my favorite games when
  5. Thanks for the comments so far guys! Just to clarify, I was thinking to a strictly not-enforced rewarding logic to propagate environmental consciousness. You do smthing toward recovering the mess you did, you get some reward, you do not do it you don't get punished. It sounds promising if this can be achieved on organization level even if it will not be a general thing across DU. On the other hand, I think that there is some kind of logical inconsistency in the rationale that expects that players will just "take the responsibilities that you mentioned to keep the area/e
  6. Cheers! I think that it would be fun on long term to reward environmentally conscious behavior in the DUniverse. Earth is home of many amazing places and all the time we thought that it is big enough to cope with residuum resulting from human activities during the past several centuries we have failed so far. At the beginning the creek, then the river, then the sea have been thought to be large enough to not get significantly changed by side effects of human activity. The Universe is home of even more natural environments that potentially can be destroyed. Perhap
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