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  1. If you want to just compare things back to other games, then Elite;Dangerous, No Mans Sky, Empyrion, Everspace and many more are just rip-offs from Eve. Of course some games will have similar features to others. If the feature works for the game, then why not have it also? Seems like common sense to me. As for half-done: Why would we want the exact same system that CCP uses for Eve, in DU? Do we have NPC space stations and such for the pre-set destinations? Also, player constructs usually consist of many cores, so would you list ALL the players cores in the game as pre-set destinations t
  2. Hi Naunet and the rest of the team! As you'd expect, I have some questions I would like to put forward to JC. However, as an avid tester who is always under NDA, some of my questions also follow into this category. So! I shall ask ones that are not under NDA here and ask you to PM me sometime if I am able to put forward my NDA questions that may be fine to reveal on the big day? So in no particular order. 1) JC has previously mentioned in the stream (I believe with TwoAngryGamers) that there was a concept for Mining Drones to be able to assist players in mining resources. Is this someth
  3. Thanks for the feedback thus far. I have updated the initial post, with instructions on how to get the XML file safely and easily, whilst attachments are not working on the Forums
  4. Yes, I have heard this from several sources now... not sure why this is though. The xml is made with the use of the website itself, as its the scratchpad feature. Maybe because I made it on the website? Might not like the app? I'm not sure... I may have to download the app and see if I can figure out why and if there's anything I can do to correct this.
  5. Yup, in the mean time people can freely PM me on Discord for the xml file. It will also be available in the Discord run by Juvenious also and kept up to date there too. Still waiting on invite link for it
  6. With Beta now out for several weeks, I have been inundated with requests about my simple way to plan factory production lines, that I had shown off during the games Alpha. Needless to say, since the Beta release, I have been hard at work as a Community Helper and also as the Super Legate of my Guild. But alas, I have finally found some free time to sit down and share a way to make the Industry designing of DU go from Hellish to Simple! First off: Firstly I just want to say that this method I will be sharing does NOT replace building calculators, but instead works in tangent with them. A c
  7. Better to delay and get it done right, than release shoddy and incomplete features. Thank you for the clear and concise information involving these decisions made and we hope all works out well in the end. We look forward to the completed vision of Dual Universe!
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