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  1. The only love you need, is the love of the GOD-EMPORER
  2. Welcome Battle Brothers. The Space Marine chapter of Angels of Avem has opened up its doors to recruiting. If you'd like to join a Warhammer 40k themed clan based on a Space Marine chapter. Then the Angels of Avem are for you! We are currently looking for people with all sorts of expertise who would like to join the chapter. Wether new to 40k, or veterans in the lore. As-well as feel free to message me on the forums or @Blcoare#5007 on discord. If you'd like to see our current paint you can do so here: https://prnt.sc/l6fqir
  3. I called Gameswork shop and asked them personally, they said its ok aslong as we don't try to sell it and have custom uniforms, and etc. Thanks
  4. Update on this topic. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-CA/Intellectual-Property-Policy It says we can do it aslong as its unoffical.
  5. Thanks for the help guys, hoping to bring a Space Marine chapter to life!
  6. I am currently looking for people who want to build a Warhammer 40k themed clan, based on a space marine chapter. Please message me if interested @Blcoare#5007 on discord.
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