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  1. discordauth:5mZ4HRQH4BDpSHmzy5oYF6D2Hfg0XpKtX6XcU4em-5w=

  2. To access the Discord channel the instructions say "...post the following text on your public message feed through your forum profile" Where is my public message feed?
  3. I've been eye-balling this game for quite a while now, ever since Landmark went away, and I've finally pulled the trigger. I really enjoyed building with voxels and I couldn't care less about the game play. If there's other cool stuff to do then that's a bonus for sure but it's all about the building for me. I'll be browsing around for an organization to join and searching for some tech help with the downloaded. Ran into a bit of a problem and I'm guessing the help I need is on the NDA forums.
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