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  1. Hi all! New patreon here, so just want to put in some of my idea's/thoughts while i got them. I came to this game from playing Space Engineers, and other simmilar games including Hellion. I really enjoy space games where air pressure is simulated. I am really hoping NQ plan to add this mechanic to the game at some point. Here are some cool mechanics pressurised environments create... plus one or two idea's of my own. 1.) Make altitude effect pressure. Closer you get to space... the less air there is and the requirement for a helmet and breathing/02 equipment. Until then it would be nice if we could take our helmets off and breathe the clean air on this new world. Of course being head shot by another player without your helmet on provides a 100% critical bonus for the shooter. 2.) Helmet and pressure suit can be damaged and leak. Not so much a problem if on the ground, but suit and helmet must be repaired if damaged before venturing to high altitude or into space. 3.) Shooting another player in space, causes the suit to rupture. So if the bullets don't kill you, the depressurisation might unless you can quickly repair or get inside an air lock. 4.) Air locks in space need to be pressurised and depressurised correctly to avoid getting shot out the door and into space. 5.) Managing 02 level in your suit is quite a nice survival mechanic, and adds the requirement to store O2 in bottles etc. 6.) Pressurised bottles and containers explode if punctured or shot. 7.) Starve fires (put them out) inside space stations and ships, by venting all the air in a sealed room or corridor into space. 8.) Fires burn air and introduce pollution into pressurised rooms, forcing players to put on helmets and stop the fire or vent the room. 9.) Zero G fire. Very dangerous. A hard thing to simulate probably, but could be a neat hazard.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm a new patron for this game, so be gentle. I have tons of idea's so i just want to put them forwards. I understand this will be a survival game, and I think i read somewhere that food and water could be required by players in order to keep themselves alive. I personally love that kind of survival management aspect. But I also know that not everyone likes this kind of micro-management so I have a suggestion in keeping with the universe NovaQuark want to build and yet allow for players to play "survival" the way they want. If you could choose between robot or human during the character creation phase, you could make it so that choosing robot means you don't need to eat and drink, and thereby remove that mechanic from the game for you if you don't like it. Choosing human means that you do need to find food and water, but perhaps have an advantage over robots in some other respect. Maybe robots aren't waterproof, and can't jump into water unless inside a submarine or something. Or maybe make it so that robots don't need food or water, but instead they need to recharge either from a control panel in their base or by manufacturing power cells which can be taken on longer trips? Maybe some sort of deployable solar array or something. So for people playing as a robot, they have to be more carefull not to run out of power after sunset. Just an idea. :-)
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