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  2. Well in order to get my Discord thingy goin i need to verify myself as a human being, so am i doing right now Keepo. And as I am here already let me introduce myself a bit. I am Ph3nom1c aka. Alexander (Alex), I´m a 30 years old and from germany. I´m a small but growing twitch streamer most likely playing The Division at the moment and The Division 2 once it will be released in a few days and im also looking forward to stream DU once it is finaly not under NDA anymore. Well guess if you guys wanna know more about me just privat message me in discord or twitch. Have a nice day, sincerly Ph3nom1c
  3. discordauth:S5PmxGiwF85ZtpNpO125ynVBOVQWO5KKXUkGBSg_uUI=

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